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Nice Guys Don't Have to Finish Last: BradyBunch's 4 tips to improve confidence, appreciation, and image · 1:36am January 14th

Recently on my Neckbeard meme post, I mentioned that Nice Guys shake their fist at the sky and wonder what's wrong with society, where nice guys like them don't get girls, but the jocks and douches do. Now, of course, they're douches too. But I have an answer for the timid, passive man as well. Niceness isn't the problem. It's your lack of action or confidence that makes your niceness slip down the slippery slope into Weinerdom.

Girls go for them because, regardless of their personality issues, they're usually take-charge guys who have an action plan set in mind when they do anything, and they're confident in it. The path seems stable. And for guys who wonder why girls aren't interested in them, I'll help you by providing some main points, and soon, you'll find a noticeable interest in you from other parties.

Be humble; acknowledge your mistakes. This is maturity at its finest. People who can't accept the fact that they have something wrong with them are seen as manbabies. It's easy to think girls want a fantasy picture of you, flawless and shiny. In reality, they prefer it if they have something they can relate to, or something to fix, or an acknowledgment that you aren't trying to hide anything. It makes people respect you, even if you have made mistakes you think are egregious. If any of these mistakes, however, relate to murder, or cheating, or upvoting a YouTube Rewind video, don't expect immediate respect. In general, move on. And you can only do this by telling yourself what you need to fix.

Quit relying on external sources to make you strong. Don't rely on porn to help control your hormones. Don't get involved in alcohol, smoking, or drugs to make you a confident, outgoing man. (Aside from all the health problems and ethical implications) And don't rely on what people tell you to boost your self-image. It's all a crutch; and if you have a crutch, you're weakened. Learn to live without leaning on that crutch all the time. Otherwise, what will you do if the crutch falls out from under you? Remove your detrimental crutch from your life. Break the things that limit you. Remove the cover of your switchblade so it can cut much better than if it had the case still on. Metaphor after metaphor, the point is this: You have all the strength you need on the inside.

Have a cool man skill or hobby. Talents. Flaunt 'em. Let the world know you have something to offer. Learn something new. Get involved. Girls love bragging to their friends about how awesome their boyfriend is. And you want men to feel jealous of you so they can strive to perform better in their own fields. Have something substantial to offer her, an interest, a passion, a skill. Having a World of Warcraft figurine collection isn't a skill. Neither is playing video games for seven hours a day. I'm talking about writing, artwork, sports, dancing, musical talents, woodworking, cooking, outdoors-y activities. Nerdy passions or interests depend on the girl. But either way, Napoleon Dynamite was right: girls like a guy who has skills.

Keep striving for greatness. Being complacent is easy. But it's improvement that's admirable. I touched on this in the first point, but I'll expand on it here: in your hobbies, your passions, your work, your relationships, keep striving for a goal. It'll keep you motivated in a world that can often seem bleak and hopeless. You also have a plan, a dream, a love, and this makes your significant other really look up to you and want to b with you. If you're a worker in an office, plan to make your way up to regional manager. If you're a fireman, make it your plan to become the chief. If you work in the fast food business, plan to work your way up to operate multiple restaurants.

I'll end it on this point here. Any man can be successful. Any fake can look likable. It takes real mettle to be successful and likable.

Report BradyBunch · 108 views · #advice
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Comments ( 19 )

My friend, very, very well said, and advice I will be taking

Bring women food when they had a bad day, padds without question, and comics if she's a nerd. That'll get you good in my book

I agree wholeheartedly. Those points are so obvious, though, that it's not worth mentioning. Besides, that's what to do towards girls. What I talked about was what to do about yourself.

Fair enough, but they are so obvious that most guys forget them. :3

Everything you said, is absolutely true because be true to yourself and to others around you. Don't rely on things that don't really help you out with certain things, especially porn. That's not good because it does ruin lives and that might be a reason why in Sikhism, they have rules about lust.

There are rules about lust in pretty much every religion, though, don't you think? And anyway, they ban it for a reason. Lustful, insatiable people are scumbags.

Yes, there are rules about lust in any religion you can think of. Lustful, insatiable people are scumbags of the earth because they can't learn or don't want to control their horny hormones. It's their problem. Not ours!

Rude. I'm lustful and insatiable. XD just kidding.
My fav part from Bible is how Jesus does say women should dress modestly, he says men should gouge their eyes out

He said to get rid of the parts of you that you might personally like, but damage you. If a leg has gangrene, chop it off before the rest of your body dies. Get rid of the sins you love to indulge in. It was a metaphor, in other words. The man used metaphors for everything he taught so people could understand it better, but it ironically had the opposite effect. Everyone's confused nowadays.

I'm pretty sure it was meant figuratively, but it certainly is an...interesting image, in a horrifically gory way...

The result? It sticks with you.

I agree on all points, though I do have one exception to tip number 2: I believe it is always okay to rely on God for strength, especially in times where we feel as though the world is crashing down upon us.

But still, gouge out your eyes. XD I support.

I mentioned it was only detrimental crutches. God is more like a brace for your arm that strengthens you.

There was a Saint that did that, actually. Saint Lucia, who, in an attempt to remain pure and unveiled, reportedly gouged out her eyes to make her less attractive to her suitors. She's shown in paintings holding them on a platter. Central Europeans celebrate her on December 13, where the oldest daughter bakes Lucia rolls (special recipe) that look like the infinity symbol, with raisins in both loops to represent Lucia's eyes. She also has a wreath with candles in it, who wakes everybody up early in the morning to eat the buns. It's more of a Catholic thing, but our family likes to participate to a lesser extent anyway. Part of our Christmas tradition, since our family comes from Czechoslovakia.

Lucia is officially the GOAT.

I feel like I tick all the boxes besides three, unless you consider the ability to sing all-star in 39 seconds a skill. I also feel like what defines a "crutch" is heavily opinionated in terms of personal views, like how I consider God a crutch and you don't. Besides that it's a good list, 10/10 would read again.

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