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    Been sick with the flu and other things for the past week. And I got obsessed with Naruto again. So writing will be slowed for a bit. Sorry.

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Plot Bunny Theater: Grogarspawn · 11:03pm Jan 5th, 2020

There are monsters so hated, so reviled by ponies that even thousands of years after they vanished, many ponies feel horror just looking at their pictures. For they represent dark times, well before the founding of Equestria. When all of ponykind was subjugated under a horrific, intelligent and powerful beast.

According to the Ancient Chronicle of Harmony:

"... And so did the sons of Grogar find mares to know them, and they begat them sons and daughters. Ponies of cloven hoof, with the horns of rams. Each with their own accursed set of wings. And Grogar despised his sons' perversions and cast out his progeny into a friendless world, shunning the light of the sun forevermore..."

The spawn of Grogar. The equivalent of succubi, incubi, vampires and other demonic creatures for Equestria. For centuries they are thought to be only myth...

Until Twilight Sparkle and friends happen across one in the Everfree Forest.

Comments ( 9 )

Nice biblical parallel.

I would read the shit out of that.

Thank you. I figure the Grogari (their name) would be like the inverse of the Changelings: Very physically strong with the ability to learn magic very fast, and long lived... But vulnerable to sunlight, have few offspring, and thus are always outnumbered. They also need to absorb energy from other living beings: Food doesn't keep them alive.

And Grogar despised his sons' perversions and cast out his progeny into a friendless world, shunning the light of the sun forevermore..."

An interesting little detail there. At first, one might assume that Grogar would have no reason to object to anything his children do - he certainly has no moral compunctions of his own and while it's possible their acts were too evil even for him, I somehow doubt it. However, thinking about it, I can't help but be reminded of the New Gods and specifically the relationship between Darkseid and Desaad.

It's certainly true that Darkseid holds nothing but disgust and contempt for Desaad and his actions, but it has nothing to do with the fact that they're evil. No, the problem is that Desaads actions are absolutely, 100% pointless. Darkseid is a conquerer, slaver and tyrant who resort to any means, no matter how extreme or repugnant, to acheive his goal of universal domination... while Desaad is just a petty sadist. Darkseid hates him, sure, but only because, in his eyes, Desaad is so utterly pathetic.

That's how I'd imagine this going. Grogar has no issue with his children wanting to do awful, perverse and horrific things. He just hates that that's all they want to do and he cast them out largely so he wouldn't have to acknowledge that he'd spawned something so pitiful.

Of course, time has a way of distorting things into myth. And there are interpretations of this story that might be central in pony history.

For instance, Grogar's sons (who need names) may have actually wanted to free Ponykind after falling in love with their mares. Hence the conflict with their father. And the Grogari themselves might have been cursed to be nocturnal because of the nature of pony and Grogar physiology mixing. History is, after all, written by the victors.

I had an idea along these lines years ago, but did nothing with it. This may be the poke I need to pursue the idea further. Even if it isn't, I hope it inspires someone else.

I have the creepy idea that this might be where non-herbivorous sapient races in the setting came from. Dragons, Griffons, Diamond Dogs, etc., are all distant descendants of the Grogari. Normally this means nothing but when their semi-divine (or diabolic) ancestors awaken from their however-many-millennia nap the first thing they do is to reclaim control of the kids and send them to lay waste the pathetic ponies.

That's exactly where I was going to go with this. Associating with ponies led them to learn friendship and camaraderie. And, while often still evil (and finding their friends and loved ones among the corrupt ponies of those dark days) they weren't pure enough for Grogar. He knows full well that any tough of virtue, however twisted, can become a seed of redemption. He values only pure and petty malice, not grand designs perverse loyalty, not even when they end in tragedy. And so they were cast out.

And, over the centuries, some have indeed found that seed of virtue take root despite themselves and their nature. They both hate that Grogar was right and exult in their freedom.

Feel free to use my follow up blog on this subject, if it inspires you.

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