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Obligatory 2020 New Year Blog · 5:01am Jan 2nd, 2020

Hey, guys!

Hope your new year is starting out well. Just popping in to say hi and that I'm not dead and that yes, Compati is still in the works and also yes that the One Full Day illustrated hard copy is still in the works.

As far as Compati goes, I hope to finish it before Everfree Northwest Top-Left Horse Fest, and am currently on track to that goal. Just broke into act 3 on the writing side, and I have 90% of my ideas planned out. Can't wait to finally show it off to y'all!

That's about it, though. Keep on being you, everyone.

Onward and Upward!

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Okay now I’m super hyped

Author Interviewer

yay for not dead! :D

Yay! Not being dead is always good.

and that I'm not dead

He lies.

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