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  • Sunday
    Right/Wrong Reading

    This story has never gotten a reading before. I only found this because I very occasionally search for fanfic readings on Youtube that I might have missed. Unfortunately, I might need to search more frequently since this was posted months ago. The story has since been revised significantly and no longer reads the same way it does in Agent Fluffy's reading, but it is worth checking out anyway.

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  • Saturday
    A Question for Readers Regarding Trans Topics

    This blog has spoilers for, uh, most of my stories. Primarily the main storyline. If you don't want those, go find another neat blog to click on.

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  • Wednesday
    Hey Nerds

    Y'all know that I've been making progress with revising my stories for print. Well, I only have one story left to work on for the first collection to be ready in terms of "Wow all these stories look nicer now" but I also did another cool thing.

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  • 1 week
    Audience Demographics

    Because I have over 800 followers and no idea if I have a consistent demographic beyond my readers being mostly American. Enjoy some straw polls.

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  • 3 weeks
    Revised for Print: LoveLess

    Another story revised for print! This one was always one of the most important to me. Unfortunately, it never got a lot of attention. For a story related to LGBT topics, it is still alienating even within that niche. Of my many one-shots, this is still probably one of my favorites. I wanted to show off the leap in quality. The original story was scribbled down in a notebook at some point in early

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NEW STORY SOON! (FUTURE UPDATE NEWS!) · 2:45am Dec 24th, 2019

There will be a new one shot dropping on the 25th. If you want to read it on that particular day, well, there ya go! That's the release date. Other things I thought I would mention are that I was able to write a significant amount of words recently, and thought I'd drop some updates about those so y'all can get hyped. Considering one of the polls I did a few blogs ago did mention that short stories and buffer updates are ideal to have, I was able to progress on some shorter pieces for that purpose. I was also able to make significant progress on Enemy of Mine's next update. It's obviously not complete, as I would have stated it was in editing, but it's much closer than it was before. (And after that, there's an interlude for that story already published too, then the final few updates in need of writing. Woo, final stretch and all that.)

More below the break!

  • A one shot for the 25th is coming.
  • A short multi-chapter story featuring Princess Celestia, young Cadance, and Sunset Shimmer is in need of editing. It's very similar to Her Own Sky for the people who liked that.
  • There's another installment in the -phobia continuity with a few chapters done. The pony features isn't Luna (or Sombra, if you were going to guess him). If you want to guess by the title alone: atychiphobia!
  • That adventure and mythology anthology should see the light of day fairly soon too. For everyone who has been keeping track of Missing Pages and loves all the Alicorn stuff, this is for you too!
  • Missing Pages just had a one shot drop! It's got Cadance, Luna, and Sombra. Seriously, there's a lotta stuff in that one if you're bored between updates. I'm working on some buffer things for that one too.
  • I did publish that Coco Pommel story not long ago, just so y'know.
  • While not firm updates, I've at least moved forward in outlining a lot of non-EOM shorts and other side projects to keep updates looking somewhat better.

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