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  • Tuesday
    Real Life Update

    Been sick with the flu and other things for the past week. And I got obsessed with Naruto again. So writing will be slowed for a bit. Sorry.

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  • 1 week
    Short Hand: Aftermath of Science

    Shepherd: "Twiliiiiight! What the hell-Where did all these bits come from?!"

    He gestures to the pile of gold bits on the kitchen table.

    Twilight: "Ummmm..." taps her hooves together "I asked for donations from all the research participants... I set fifty bits as the minimum donation and well..."

    Shepherd: "... If I didn't know any better, I would swear you were pimping me out."

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  • 2 weeks
    Short Hand: Tea Party

    Shepherd is invited to a tea party with Fluttershy and Discord.

    Shepherd: "Oh hey... Flying s'mores. Nice."

    Fluttershy: "Oh, I quite like them!"

    Discord: "Do I detect a hint of criticism in your tone, Shepherd?"

    Shepherd: "No. It's nice that you're still as food obsessed as a wine aunt on Twitter. Maybe you can put it on Instagram to impress other childless weirdos"

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  • 2 weeks
    Short Hand: A New Generation 2

    Old Man Shepherd had taken Sunny and her friends to an ancient cavern, far from Maretime Bay.

    Hitch: "Uh huh... There a reason we're out here?"

    Izzy: "Is it a good reason? Like a secret candy stash? Ugh, two thousand year old candy! Gross!"

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  • 2 weeks
    Short Hand: A New Generation...

    In the future, Shepherd, now an old but badass looking man, fell asleep... And then woke up in front of an Earth pony with orange fur, purple mane and tail, and a big smile.

    Shepherd: "Urgh... My head... What the hell happened...?"

    Sunny Starscout: "YES! IT WORKED! THE MAGIC WORKS!"

    Shepherd: "I... Who are you?"

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Plot Bunny Theater: Give me a Prince! · 3:37am Nov 19th, 2019

Yet another stupid Celestia-based idea:

For centuries, Celestia has been hoping that a male alicorn she could have all the sexy times she could want forever would ascend. But alas, no alicorn male has ascended yet. And Celestia is tired of waiting and using... Toys and Attachments.

So she encourages two other female ponies to ascend to Alicornhood, and encourage them to have babies! In the hopes of one of them giving birth to a male alicorn she might eventually be able to spend the rest of her very, very long lifespan with. Because a mare has needs, damnit.

Comments ( 7 )

It would make an excellent comedy, if one does not mind black comedy within that concept.:trixieshiftright:

... I'd read it, though.:moustache:

Imagine her thoughts when she first saw Flurry Heart. "So close. So. Close."

Or just a silent, frustrated scream.


And then she encourages Cadence and Shining to have more babies. And Twilight to get married. And uses some magic to tilt things in her favor...

I would read the utter crap out of this.

Hey, after Beating the Heat (one of my favorite stories on here, btw, utterly hilarious), what do you have to lose?

Twilight: "Prin—er, Celestia, is it really necessary for me to wear nothing but a cocktail dress to the reception?"
Celestia: "Hmm, you're right."
Twilight: thinking: [Oh thank heavens]
Celestia: "We'll clearly have to tart you up a bit more if you're to catch the eye of one of the studs—er, I mean, the esteemed guests."
Twilight: *Groans*

here a idea in the same vein, that as sun and moon there seen as opposite in day represent chastity and purity while the night represent lust and depravity which translate to celestia had to act all proper while Luna got to throw orgies and have fun time much to celestia great annoyance and envy which led to nightmare moon banishment but with a twist Luna and loads of non alicorn offspring that celestia got to take care of, which each generation getting worse and more spoiled then the last leading to prince blueblood

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