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Backflipping through reality at ludicrous speeds. What does RB stand for, anyway?

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AKA Where the Heck Has RB Been for the Last Month? · 8:20pm Sep 9th, 2019

TLove’s a Witch (and a She-Demon, Too)
Love is supposed to be able to save the world. Twilight Sparkle and Sunset Shimmer discover that the opposite is also true.
RB_ · 15k words  ·  75  7 · 772 views

Also, if anyone uses Scrivener, I wrote a tool for compiling Scrivener projects into Fimfiction-friendly BBCode: Scriv2Fic.com. It's still an early version, but I've been using it and it works pretty good so far.

Next up: it's back to decidedly-not-Wonderland in Cosmos Eccentric, finishing hopefully by early-to-mid October. Then it's back to regular and not-at-all evil Ponyville in This Town for Halloween, and then we take to the skies for Detective Rarity's most high-profile case yet.

And also at least one blog post about a killer clown.

Thanks as always for sticking around, folks.


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Comments ( 3 )
Author Interviewer

One might assume recovering from Bronycon. :B

I am extremely interested in the scrivener thing, because on PC the bbcode export is horribly broken.

What's the basic model? Copy formatted text straight from Scrivener and paste it into the website box? Or is there preprocessing?


Nope, even easier. Just upload a .scriv folder and select which documents to include in the compile.

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