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    Happy Birthday, dude


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    I missed you so much today, man. But I know you loved it as much as I did. I can all but hear your comments about it right now and I know you heard me laugh a lung out at that part. :)

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    Update: Moth's site, stories, continuations, and Persona EG

    Hey all,

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    Quick reminder re: MM

    Hey, all

    There's... really no painless way to bring this up, but I need to remind you that Patreon bills tomorrow. If you're still subbed to Moth's, there's still six of you who need to cancel it before the credit card is processed.


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    Thank you

    ...for all your kindness. I had to get away from the site for a few days, as pretty much 80% of my interests align with Moth's, if he didn't outright introduce me to them, like in the case of MLP. And I will try my best to reply to your PMs as I tend to certain obligations. Like I've said before, I know Moth's temper had a bit of a reputation, and his last interactions with many people on here

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Update: Moth's site, stories, continuations, and Persona EG · 2:07am Aug 28th, 2019

Hey all,

First of all, an apology for being away from the site for so long, and for neglecting to provide much needed updates. There are many people who, in all their kindness, reached out with the best of wishes and with personal concern, and I want to say thanks for all their thoughts and consideration. It's been difficult these last few months, and it's hard to believe it has only been three (almost four) months since. It's also no secret that most of my interactions with the greater FiM fandom, fics included, had been through Moth, and although I appreciate everyone in the community and enjoy spending time here, I've never been as involved as actual writers or contributors--and although the show is coming to an end, I hope it's not too late for me to change that attitude.

From my heart, and from Mrs. White's, we want to thank everyone once again.

Now, for the actual update:

The website www.mythrilmoth.net is safe and secure. Although it took us the better part of these three months to perform the transfer, Dreamhost worked with us from Day 1 to keep it up despite the missed payments, and as of this week, the hosting and the domain are under my permanent management and financial coverage. I know there was an effort to retrieve the whole thing and back it up separately; I realize it was done out of concern for the stories therein, and it was a reaction to the very sudden news, but nobody contacted me or Moth's family about it and, given the efforts we put into protecting the site, I wish either of us had been asked ahead of time. I can't and won't ask for the mirror to be taken down, but, in the future, please ask. I will be making updates to the site as it pertains to story updates and memorials, so the mirror will soon be out of date anyway.

Speaking of stories: as I've mentioned, Mrs. White is aware of Moth's huge following and how much they enjoyed his fics, so she has allowed people to continue his works at my discretion. I've been considering creating a special page in the MM website to host guest fics and continuations, so, if you feel very strongly about a story, send me a DM (I promise I'll check them daily now), and we can talk about it. I don't know/expect there to be multiple people angling for the same fic, but everything can be worked out by talking. Just know that I'll probably ask you for a writing sample, what your plot/character plans for the continuation are, and the right to preread new chapters before publishing ;)

Regarding Persona EG, as I said before, I will be continuing that myself. I am preparing my notes and resuming my artwork, but I need to reread the story to resume the momentum and get all the ducks in a row for the finale. I will not presume to emulate Moth's specific writing style and he wouldn't want me to, but you have my word I will do justice to his Flash to the best of my ability. Also, please keep in mind this is a huge responsibility I need to live up to, and I have a full-time job, daily responsibilities, and other high-priority projects I need to attend to (including a FiM fic I need to do before October) so I do not want to threaten the quality of PEG's writing by making it compete for time with my other needs. I also still fully intend to do the bonus art request that we promised so long ago :)

I want to own up to my negligence in putting out an update, and once again I apologize for it. I know plenty of people started following me out of my connection with Moth, and unfollowed me due to the lack of news, and I'm sorry. It's not about how many followers I may pick up or lose, it's about making sure people who needed to hear this news can get them. I would appreciate if Moth's fans could toss a link to this blog in a post of their own, so all his followers can be assured his stories are being taken care of.

Report Zef · 2,148 views · #mythrilmoth #persona eg
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Comments ( 21 )

Zef, thank you for this. You're a guy I'm sure Moth, hell, anyone, was/would be proud to call a friend.

Thanks for the update, and whatever direction you take Persona EG, I'm sure you'll do Moth proud.

Thank you so much Zef. I am very sorry about your loss, but thank you for continuing Moth’s legacy. Thank you especially for continuing Persona EG. It was my favorite of Moth’s fanfics, and whatever direction you take it I am happy to know it is in good hands and will receive a proper ending.

Wanderer D
Wanderer D

Me creeras que hoy estaba pensando en escribirte? Voy a darle un boost a la señal.

I didnt realize you were gonna fiinish P:EG. I'm glad I never asked how it was supposed to end.

Well I've waited this long and while Moth won't be I'm glad you will finish it.

Thanks a lot for the update. After hearing how much effort you've been putting on protecting his work and memory, I feel kinda inadequate for stepping away from this whole deal instead of also showing my concern. I am happy that Moth had a friend like you.

Author Interviewer

Best of luck. :)

You really embody true friendship, something now seen as expendable in today’s world. Don’t make the mistake to do so out of obligation though, and if you ever feel you are not up to the task, expect backlash, but take the decision with your head high

You say, "negligence," I say "tiring and heartfelt work above and beyond the call of duty."

Thank you and Moth's family for your efforts to keep his works around, and I'm sure all of you have and will do him proud. I can't wait to see what you and his fanbase can come up with, because I don't think I could live up to what Moth created for us.

You've been busy preserving a friend's legacy. How much could we ask for before you were through? Thank you for the update. Here's to seeing the end of Flash's long, strange journey. I'll have to see if there any Moth stories I feel up to adopting myself.

Honestly, I thought Persona EG would never continue, but to hear that you're continuing it is awesome, and don't worry, I have responsibilities myself, so take all the time you need, I'm a patient guy

Why would you stop watching someone just because they stopped posting? It's not like there's any kind of limit... (Seriously, over on DA I didn't stop watching someone who I know for a fact is up there with Rob as we speak)

Glad to hear you're doing all right, mate.

Good man.
Keeping side responsibilities while working full-time can be a challenge.
But what you are doing has meaning, and is appreciated by so many.

I am eager to see how this turns out. Best of luck, Zef.

Good luck with all the work you have to do, Zef, and I hope you and the family are doing at least a little better. I went ahead and did a blog post of my own, so my readers are now aware of the situation. Good luck with these next steps, man, and I hope you haven't burned yourself out with all the work you've taken upon yourself.

EDIT: I've also done this blog post regarding the end of Generation 4, now that I've managed to get a hold of the final three episodes. I've done my absolute best to filter out any spoilers, but it's easy to piece together a semblance of the current state from what I've written, so if anyone wants to look at it, I caution you to be prepared to accidentally discover the truth, even though it's not my intention.

I wish I had found out sooner, but life was just relentless on me when it happened. Finals, recovering from Dental Work, and just a mess at the time, I wish I had found out as I wish I could've said it then that it was just an amazing thing to just read his stuff and even just so much more really

I wish I could hug you and say personally that everything'll be alright but I can't so //(^ ^)// Moth was lucky to have you for a friend, I'm sure you'll do him proud

Zef, re-reading this, I'm sure you'll do a great job with Persona EG. Hell, yiu're one half of the team behind it. I hope you had a Merry Christmas

"Speaking of stories: as I've mentioned, Mrs. White is aware of Moth's huge following and how much they enjoyed his fics, so she has allowed people to continue his works at my discretion."

I hope this doesn't come off as insensitive, but why? You don't usually ask permission to write a fanfiction, MythrilMoth himself didn't ask Hasbro's or Lauren Faust's permission to write MLP fanfiction. Why not just let people write fanfictions of MythrilMoth's fanfictions, without asking permission?

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