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It Has To Be Canon... · 4:49pm Mar 31st, 2019

SciSet. It has to be canon. After Forgotten Friendship when Sunset only hugs Twilight after regaining her memories, the amount of time the two spent together in Roller Coaster Of Friendship and now this scene in Spring Breakdown:

There is no way in Tartarus that Sunset and SciTwi aren't dating off screen.

Prove me wrong...

EDIT: Here's the full scene:

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Comments ( 35 )

OMG I bet they are!!

The Sciset is strong with this one.

About the only way I would believe otherwise is if Hasbro released a short with Sunset or SciTwi boning someone else. And even then I still wouldn't be convinced.

I hope so. I've got a series that's currently standing at 17 (soon to be 18) stories long and counting.

If it isn't, I'm going to be disappointed.

Think about it. Sunset saved Twilight back in Friendship Games. Twilight being socially (and more than likely also romantically) challenged, she falls for the person who saved her life. Since then, they've hardly been separate in any of the movies/specials.

Maybe I'm reading too far into this...

5035709 Honestly, that would be more of a believable story than RWBY and that's saying something(The shipping, not the show).

Anime references...arrgh!

*exhales deeply*

Sorry, the only anime I've ever followed was the Dragon Ball franchise.

5035714 To be fair, it's not legally an anime but, to each their own I guess. The point is, I'm willing to believe this shipping over anything else. Especially if this scene is any indication.

Well, Hasbro seems to be playing it that Sci-Twi and Timber are dating. That already is sounding some issues from the fandom.

If Hasbro suggests in any way that those two are getting it on, there may be problems.

Okay... I had to google the reference.

I also don't really follow anime, but there are a few I like.

You know, if this show was on Nickelodeon, all the ships would be out with their colors flying high.

5035717 At the end of Everfree, I can understand but they've barely had any interaction since then so I highly doubt that's the case.

5035719 Oh, that's not even the half of it...

They aren't dates. They're (SciTwi's quoted words) "hang outs".

Honestly, as annoying as Timber is, I'd be driven to the arms of a woman as well (if I was female, that is).

5035722 Okay, I dont mean to cut in but "hang outs" could mean so many things, it's not even funny. Especially considering the context behind it. Also, you're a guy? Could've fooled me:rainbowlaugh:. No disrespect of course. It's just the way you sounded made it more feminine. Trust me, I've been told I seem more like a girl than I care to admit.

:rainbowderp: First time I've ever been described as feminine. (No disrespect taken, by the way). Maybe all these years of joking that I should become a lesbian... :twilightblush:

5035729 Could be. Still, what I said before still stands(about hang outs and such)

I know that "hangouts" can mean any number of things.

Although there are times I wouldn't mind being able to "hangout" with both SciTwi and Sunset. :twilightsmile:

What? :rainbowhuh: Can't I dream about enjoying a nice quiet evening "hanging out", watching a movie, and eating popcorn? :derpytongue2:

Honestly, on a site like this, it's really hard to tell. Without any other visual cues, people will make mass extrapolations from the smallest things.

Yes. It's called "Netflix and chill" :derpytongue2:

It's all good.

I do that on my days off already, minus the cartoon characters, of course. :rainbowlaugh:

5035745 You know what you did:moustache:.

I have no clue what you're talking about. :pinkiegasp: I'm a gentleman. :trollestia:

5035762 You know, seeing this and your stories has giving me a spark again with a FlutterDash. Granted, it won't be anywhere near as good as this(or your stories) but it has giving me an idea.

Really? Can't wait to read it.

Oh, stay tuned later this week for a Rainbooms road trip in the next part of the SciTwi Shimmer Chronicles.

Hmmm... Maybe Sunset will visit tonight. (In my dreams. :rainbowlaugh:)

RIGGGHHTT!? I wish they would couple up DX

And isn't Sunset Shimmer's hair so cute? I can't believe she flat ironed it.

I don't know how long it takes to flat iron one's hair (considering mine's short) but as much as she has, it must've taken a while.


I know, right?

If it’s not cannon....I’ll be so mad

They'll dance around the issue, and tease about it, but I don't know if Hasbro has enough guts to take the plunge. Which is a pity, cause the relationship they hint at is hard for an outsider to simply call friendship. Maybe it's a girl thing that males just wouldn't understand. But I hope not, those two are SO close.

Sci-Twi develop a crush on Timber Spruce in Legend of the Everfree and Timber Spruce ask Sci-Twi on a date in the episode Text Support.Not to mention that Sci-Twi went on a date with Timber Spruce in the episode Star-Crossed. So no Sci-Twi x Sunset Shimmer is not canon. I have just proven you wrong.

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