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Ya win some ya lose some (An Unfettered RANT) · 12:52am Dec 11th, 2018

I was hoping we would get Curse of Silence on the feature bar but I doubt we can now. It's lagged too much behind and simply put the two stories that I thought would come off today already did.

Happens but still I'm gonna be honest, it feels so weird to have this sense of urgency and yet have no agency to do anything about it.

It's frustrating I guess. To fully understand how the algorithm on those stories that do get featured or that places like EQD will even look at must be featured here first.

The problem is if a story doesn't get Upvotes within the first 24 hours to get onto the feature bar, all that goes away and it just becomes another work I've done.

It's highly frustrating to me to work so hard and not make it up there. I'm 50/50 now and honestly that time we won is still breath taking, this is just me ranting about the system.

I congratulate B_25 managing to somehow get 4 stories up there all at once, something that isn't suppose to be possible but he took up 1/2 the featured bar here on fimfic today and still is.

I just don't know what I'm doing wrong sometimes. Other times I'm glad it is working right.

Content creation is such a mixed bag some of the videos I'm least proud of get the most reception on YouTube, some of the games that I find genuinely are not very interesting but nice and flashy and easy to talk bout get the best views on live stream, and apparently Butts beat out Deep Considerate Thought.

Not sure how else to describe this frustration. I'm glad that Dead Tree is getting published, it has been a ton of work for that and there is still a ton of work to do. I work for hours and slave for days on game reviews that barely get 200 views or an anime science video like Aggrestuko that barely gets 200. Go do a 40K science video and get 10K+ views.

I guess that is the nature of this isn't it?

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Comments ( 12 )

I feel it deserved better.

This is more me ranting and just getting off my chest the frustration of recent content creation.


Of course even though with mine I don't care if they don't get up there. But I feel better stories then what are up there deserve to be up there. But that's just how I see it really.

Judging by what I usually see on the feature bar (and I'm not sure if this is effect by me having mature content set to on) at least half the stuff that ever pops up on there is stories involving sex, and those can be very easily churned out and don't even necessarily have to be long or really well written to get a bunch of upvotes and views.

Other times it seems a bit random to me, and it also has the fact that it has a strong tendency to feature stories previously featured if they get an update, even if said update doesn't necessarily generate a surge of views and more upvotes.

So I can fully understand the frustration, especially when one is wanting the things they put more heart and soul into to be noticed and recognized, then find the things that were either short or just random things being paid more attention.

Just keep doing what you enjoy though! That's what matters most!

I didn't have enough time to read what you put out this week. But I wasn't in the mood for a downer anyway, so I when I read the description, I admit I wasn't looking forward to it.

Ya know what that is fair.

I shall try.

Well, it's featured now. At least without mature stories on.

The thing about it is, that's how things are. It is frustrating that the ones that are more likely to get to the top of the box are those that are random one-shots (as great as they may be) and...very suggestive stuff, to say the least. It's certainly even more frustrating when you're doing deep stuff like the kirin fic and then it gets eclipsed by something you deem as, well, not so deep.

At least the ones that are usually at the bottom three spots of the box are consistently deep, if that's what you're looking for. It's one thing to go off on the box once, it's another to consistently stay featured in the box even if it's within those last three spots.

Still, now you're on the featured box with something you consider deep. Congrats. :twilightsmile:


it also has the fact that it has a strong tendency to feature stories previously featured if they get an update, even if said update doesn't necessarily generate a surge of views and more upvotes.

That's the point of the last three spots on the feature box. They feature highly-rated fics that just got an update. Unless they somehow get a serious bump in views and bookmarks along the way, they don't get past #8.

Thanks for the shout out, I suppose, but I wouldn't worry so much about features.

It's a matter of selling your stuff well, really. Unfortunately, nowadays, quality doesn't play as big as a factor as most people think.

All the best.

Yr. pal, B

Surprised you went digging for the rant blog.

Tried to find an old blog I was tagged in and found this along the way.

Neat! Good to know that Fim Works that way.

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