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Eeep! · 4:14pm Sep 7th, 2018


On the hunt for more stories to read, I hied my way over to Paul Asaran's section of the phantasmagoria that is Fimfiction to glance through his last couple review columns. And on his main page, he has a link to his Review Schedule.

I found myself curious as to whether he'd be reading any of my stuff in the near future, so I clicked over. Turns out he'll be including my AugieDog story "The Birth of Harmony" in a month or so. Huh. OK. That'll be interesting.

But then my eye snagged on the list of stories off to the side of the main review schedule: his RiL. And right there, about 8 or 10 stories down, is "Grouchisaurus Rex."

Three years after starting it, however, I still haven't finished "Grouchisaurus Rex." I've got chapter two all outlined and some thoughts on what the third and final chapter will have to do, but since I have almost no idea how to stop it from becoming just another "immortality blues" story, I've pretty much shoved the whole thing right off the back burner and down into the space behind the stove.

Still, it looks like it's time to fish it out, dust it off, and wrap it up. I always work better when I've got a deadline anyway... :pinkiehappy:


Report Baal Bunny · 551 views · Story: Grouchisaurus Rex ·
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Well, bear in mind that "8 or 10 stories down" likely means "10-12 weeks away", so it's not like it's that much of a rush.

That said, it's nice to see that my massive, painstakingly maintained schedule is being used for more than just my own benefit. :twilightsmile:

More Grouchisaurus Rex would be great, especially with the Student Six in the show already. :)


One of the:

Main points of tension in the story used to revolve around Spike being a wingless dragon, too, so, yeah, a lotta new stuff I can incorporate into the mix. The existence of Ember, for instance... :yay:

Besides finishing the story really only means four or five thousand more words. Should be a piece of cake to an old Writeoff hand like me to knock together over the weekend, right? :twilightoops:


Aaand allow me to apply some pressure in the form of a deadline! Grouchisaurus Rex is now on my schedule to be read/reviewed October 21. So if you absolutely want it to be done before I get to it, there’s your date. Good luck. :ajsmug:



A month should be just about right!




However your eventual review comes out, I do want to thank you for giving me the impetus to finish the dang thing. Because it's done now!


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