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FO:E’s Scoundrels - Chapter 11 is in final draft · 2:54pm Aug 11th, 2018

Happy weekend to you, children of the Wastelands!

I bring exciting news to you all from my mouth to your ears; I know, kinky...

Chapter Eleven of the story of those pesky Scoundrels Crow, Deadwood, Gypsy and Mole is now being proofread, ready for you all to read very soon!

Crow is out of jail, ponies of Stable T-Thirty are calling her a hero, and she has one thing set on her mind above all other things; love. That’s right, ponies! Our Guardian Griffon is going to tell her sweetheart how she really feels! Awww; now ain’t that sweet?

I have a new editor on board for Fallout: Equestria’s Scoundrels. His name is BlazingMoon but I call him Blazie, and he also edits for Synesisbassist among others. My usual editing eyes in the sky, Doomande and Private Joke, are still with me and I appreciate everything everyone has done so far to support, plug and enjoy OUR story.

I hope you’re looking forward to part 11; I promise, this is an exciting one. Robin Hood ain’t got nothing on Crow....

Here’s a few quotes to whet appetites;

“Way to go, sister,” she cried nasally, “you showed ‘em what girl power is all about!”

“But I really like it. You captured my big balloon for a head perfectly and you can tell I really want to make a bad pony’s head go splat. Good job, squirt.”

“Your head is kind of balloon-like,” she giggled. Everypony gets one.

“Single and ready to sing, guuurl!” replied Mole lyrically, pirouetting before arriving beside me with my own selection of her inventory.

“Oh-ho-ho? You wanna eat her Cutiemark, Crow?” Gypsy teased after a quick glance at the confectionaires rear.

“He’s a bit too much,” she expanded, “it’s like he’s got a fetish for different masks and has been locked in a mask shop for life. He wants to try every mask on and see which one really suits him, except that he thinks they all suit him so he keeps trying them on. He’ll never be happy with the face he’s got.” This time, her face asked me whether I understood what she meant or had it been too far out there.

“This is DJ Dreamer, once again bringing you your ninety second update on the Stable news!

“I loved you.” Once said, it could never be taken back. I sank back from the window and wondered what reply I’d get if the mare had been awake. Little did I know…

And lastly...

“We call ourselves the Tunnel-bugs. Tunnel Bugs rule!” he celebrated, posturing. Oh god, I thought to myself, not another Molasses.

Hope you’re all as eager to read this one as I am eager for you to read it!

Finally; you’ll notice another change if you’ve seen the story previously. I’ve added more to chapter two; including a lone fight between Crow and some rival raiders! Why? Because I’ve moved that naughty scene at the end.

NOW, Don’t panic; the naughty scene between Elm x Gypsy with Crow peeping on them is not gone, it’s in the file marked as ‘corrupted.’ This is so readers who only want a story and not a quick clop can skip if they want to. I will say that adult themes remain throughout the story, but the stronger sexual scenes will now be located in the “Corrupt” chapters. They’ll always have relevance to the story, but you can skip them and still follow the story easily, I promise.

“Don’t fight your demons. Your demons are here to teach you lessons. Sit down with your demons and have a drink and a chat and learn their names and talk about the burns on their fingers and scratches on their ankles. Some of them are very nice.” — Charles Bukowski

Thank you again for reading up to this moment. Ask me anything.
If this is when you stop reading, goodbye and safe travels.

If you're still strapped in for the ride, see you in the next chapter.
Nobody told me about her...

All good things,

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