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Author's Notes for The Rejected · 4:36pm Jun 12th, 2018

Hello and thank you so much for reading my latest entry in Sunset's Recovery Arc. Now that I've finished it, there's only one more story to go. I hope you enjoyed this and will stick with me until the end. Meanwhile, trivia past the jump.

This is my first story -- SRA or otherwise -- in which I posted the entire thing completed, but tweaked it during its release window in response to reader and prereader feedback. All my other multi stories have either been posted all at once (or mostly at once) with no outside input, or each chapter was written afresh after I'd already posted the previous one.

Speaking of which, massive thanks are due to Nonchalant, whose keen eye spotted mistakes I hadn't. The story is much better for his help.


  • Sunset's business card uses the actual area code for Vancouver, BC -- a tip of the hat to the DHX crew
  • "Garrano" is a Portuguese breed of horse. That's why I had Sunset pronounce it.
  • All of Flash Sentry's family, at least the men, shall be named after sound effects from the 1966 Batman TV series; originally I'd named his father "Biff", but changed it at the last minute to "Bash"… I'm not sure what relative will get "Vronk".
  • Flash having dated Limestone Pie is, again, a shoutout to CoffeeMinion's story Heavy Rock. Call it a thank you because he referenced my Burritoverse in that story, which flattered me enough that I ended up continuing that series.
  • The story Flash and Sunset recall about messing with store security actually happened to me on a trip with the marching band when I was in high school. One of my friends had a high-powered walky-talky and discovered the frequency used by Walmart security and decided to mess with them. The store did not go into lockdown, but the security guys were really mad and later changed their frequency.
  • I personally love the relationship between Sunset and Flash, because sassy Sunset is best Sunset.
  • Uh… I can't think of anymore right now. I'll edit this blogpost if I do.

So... yeah. As always, I appreciate each and every one of you who have borne with me over the past 2+ years as I've slowly brought SRA to this point. Like this story, the final entry has been provisionally completed since last July, but I'm still tweaking. Chances are high the final story will post sooner rather than later.

Peace out!

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Comments ( 6 )

Sassy Sunset is quite entertaining.

Yout bet I'll stick until the end ;)
It was worth it all along.

Its been a fine ride

I like sassy Sunset too. Especially because she seems a little happier that way.

The detail with the radio at the store tickled me both in and out of the story.

Ironically speaking, Vronk needs to be a wide-eyed, innocent and cheerful little kid. Alternatively, that tough biker uncle everyone likes but has the unfortunate side effect of scaring people away if they don't know him.

Oh, I've already decided "Vronk Sentry" will be female (it does look & sound kinda like Veronica). I'm just not sure which female she will be -- his mother, kid sister, auntie, cute and/or hot cousin, etc.

Could be a story there. If I'm in charge of it, I'm sure I'll get to it in a few years. :derpytongue2:

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