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Good News Everyone!! "Escape From Klugetown" has made it in!! · 8:49am Mar 9th, 2018

EverfreeNorthwest has just released the newest blog update on the Scribblefest competition. They have announced about the submissions being closed closed a few days prior, and have just recently posted the list of stories that have made it into the competition.

Now to all who don't know, I have been recently writing a series of MLP: The Movie/Star Wars crossover story series, involving Darth Vader being in MLP: The Movie. And the latest story, "Escape From Klugetown" was released a month ago, and I had entered it into EverfreeNorthwest's Scribblefest writing competition.

Well, guess what? EverfreeNorthwest has just posted the list of all the fan-fic submissions that have made the cut, and "Escape From Klugetown" is one of them that has made it on the list. Here's the link to the blog post for all of you to go see.

Isn't it the most wonderful news?!

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I know right? I'll be absolutely shocked if my story turned out to be the winner of Scribblefest.

That WOULD be something!

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