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Recent minor change in Star Wars/MLP: The Movie Crossover Story. · 3:36am Feb 19th, 2018

Hey, guys.
Raptormon132 here.

Just a little update that I have just made a recent change in my Star Wars/MLP: The Movie Crossover Story series.

It's to do with the origin of the weapon, the lightning naginata of Fulgur from Aviana (which is the weapon that Tempest used to fight Vader in the second story). I have changed the place to Ornithia. The reason I changed it to that is because while searching, I found out that the anthropomorphic parrot pirate, Captain Celaeno, and her crew originated from this place called "Ornithia". I assume that it is a kingdom inhabited by anthropomorphic birds. And I wanted the lightning naginata of Fulgur and Celaeno to come from the same place, and make them linked.

That doesn't mean she is destined for it, or anything, but they could come from the same place. The lightning naginata of Fulgur and Ornithia will be mentioned in the next story.

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Interesting! Sounds cool to me. Looking forward to the 3rd installment!

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