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After Six-Plus Years... · 6:26am Feb 16th, 2018

I'm finally going to my first MLP con. :yay: (DaD update in red at the bottom)

Of course, I say six-plus instead of seven because even though I joined the herd in 2011, it wasn't until November, and since it's only the second month of 2018, it's only been six years and four months. It took me just over a year before I discovered this site, which I just celebrated my five-year anniversary of being a part of, but to this day I still haven't attended any MLP conventions.

Until this year. After a couple of months of deliberation deciding which con(s?) to go to, I settled on Everfree Northwest ('twas either that or BABS). My ticket is registered, and my flights and hotel room are booked. Now I just have to hope that nothing crazy happens between now and May 17th.

As of right now, I've decided not to enter the EFNW Scribblefest. Mainly because I'm trying to focus on other story projects, but also because I'm not entirely certain what I could do with the prompt (Family Trees: Roots, Branches, and Leaves). I could make a ton of speculation about what entrants are going to write about, but I couldn't really think of how to expand on the ideas that did pop into my head when I read that prompt.

Anyway, with the decision of attendance made, if anybody is or is planning on going to EFNW as well, I'd be happy to meet you on the floor—I'm a pretty social person. I can say right now that I won't be cosplaying, but I'll definitely be wearing some appropriate T-shirts. I'll probably blog which ones each night before, but now I'm just rambling on about things that still won't be happening for a few months.

Hope to see y'all in Seattle!

For those of you still waiting on DaD, my apologies for the wait. While I did say no guarantees, back on January 20th I had said I hoped that the next chapter could go up in about a week or two. Unfortunately, due to circumstances beyond my control, it's now been a little over three weeks. Again, I'm hoping that it shouldn't be any longer than another week from today, but (just to cover my butt here) I don't want to promise anything. I do want to promise you that the wait will be worth it, and just to prove that I'm not just yanking everyone's chains:

They're there, I'm just waiting for one more thing. And for those of you that know enough about how I work, you can probably take a good guess as to what it is. For now, I'm not going to tag DaD in any more blogs (or likely blog again at all) until I'm actually ready to update it.

Again, thanks for your patience, everyone. Until next time!


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Story Approver

>night mode
>dark blue text

Awesome! Cons are a lot of fun. I try to go to one every year. I'll actually be going to bronycon for the first time this year, though.

:facehoof: I keep forgetting about that. Blue-text updates for shortcuts had always been my thing before Night Mode came along. Gonna switch it to red. Thanks. :twilightsheepish:

My hope is actually to go to BronyCon this year, too. Just haven't made those reservations just yet. Trying to see if I'm going to have a job schedule before I do that. Still kinda working on the job thing, though... :ajbemused:

Dude, if you can, you should totally hit it up! I may or may not be running a shipping fanfic panel there so it'd be great to have some friends there for support. Also, it'd just be great to hang with some bros.

Nice! And yeah, I'm definitely gonna try. Gotta try and get some real life stuff put in order before I commit to a second con, though. :twilightsheepish:

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