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SNLKKLASNDSDAS · 9:12pm Jan 12th, 2018

I was too lazy to bother with a title, but this is my return blog. I'm fully back from my hiatus. Hurrah! I'm also constantly tired in 2018, hooray! This however, hasn't stopped me from writing. Consider this the update blog and the future of my writing blog that most people have posted in the first days of 2018, since that is what this will contain.

The first thing I should probably mention is The Friggin' Lunbra Contest's new deadline of 2/7/18 at 5:30 EST. It's the final deadline, too. If you want to get a story in, do it by then. After that, in terms of contests, I've considered maybe having another if this one goes well and doesn't interfere with writing too much because gah, I need to write things.

In fact, I should probably speak a little about those things since they are fairly important. For the worldbuilding contest that I'm sure you've all heard about, I released a new story called 'Forever Mare'. It was hanging out in the Feature Box for most of the week, which was very, very exciting! The story was considered to be very, ah, inspiring for debates in the comments, which was partly funny to watch, mostly because this is far from my most controversial story, but boy has it been treated like it is.

Anyway, here it is:

TForever Mare
There are ponies that even the gods cannot help.
Ice Star · 11k words  ·  171  24 · 4k views

It's also my most downvoted story to date. Twenty downvotes is considerable, since if an average story I wrote got that, it'd have a very nasty ratio. But it'd be nice for some of my other stuff to be getting the love Forever Mare got, and I have been noticing a peak in upvotes and things in my stories so far, so thank you! (Favorable Alignment, my pride and joy of a word vomit creation, has almost forty now! Hurrah!)

One thing I really wanted to address however, was the state of my writing and one shots. I have lots of little ideas I like to metaphorically scribble down. It's kind of fun, but I really can't be doing it anymore. And I don't. I've been trying to not do as many one shots, and I suppose that you could say I will make that my resolution in 2018 to not be writing as many, or really any unplanned one shots, however long, at all.

So, if I do write any short pieces, where will I put them?

TMissing Pages & Scrawled Footnotes
Iceverse minifics. Little bits of world building, style experiments, character pieces, and such dumped in this anthology. Also, stuff I never finished and poems.
Ice Star · 64k words  ·  42  3 · 1.1k views

This is my anthology for all the little Iceverse bits I like to do. It has lots of things like deleted scenes, minifics, and scrapped stories. Basically, a lot of bonus-material type things that got placed here, like shipping minifics and poems that weren't long enough to stand on their own. Most of the things I'll be writing that aren't main projects will be minifics that will be tossed here. Probably a fair amount will be about shipping or small headcanon things. The Iceverse main six were always sort of background characters that never had too much lore about them fleshed out in any of the current stories, with the exception of Twilight, whose life has been fairly detailed. However, while they don't have the obvious levels of more intricate 'lore' about them that a lot of the other characters do, there's still some small scenes I'd like to write with them separate from the main storyline.

If I do work on any one shots, they're likely to be things I've already planned in advance (there's an idea list I have for some longer stories that might be fun) and something fairly character-focused (i.e. some sort of prompt sprung from a character or what-not) or a small piece of some genre exploring the relationship of some of the characters (probably some Lunbra, of course) but if there's any characters that I only really glanced at, or relationships that never got touched upon, and other interactions (princesses are a favorite of mine) between some of the Iceverse continuity poners, then comments here, some nice PMs, or comments in MP&SF would be okay I guess. I don't want to be doing anything super expansive, like about changelings (I have a full Chryssie origin novella outlined that has never been started so far, if you're curious) but things about royals (which yes, includes Sombra), Spike, the Main Six, a character I've already written about (like Trixie), or some of the OCs (Silver Lining, Onyx, Neptune, and some others), historical figures (Starswirl, Clover, Founder ponies), and nextgens (Skyla, Twilight's kids, and others that will be popping up more) are totally fair game.

What I will be working on will be Enemy of Mine! It has over 20k of unpublished chapters, so you don't have to worry about me working on it. I really want to finish this story so I can move on to the sequel. If you want to keep reading what I'm doing, then please check out Enemy of Mine, because that is the Big Thing right now, and will be for a while. While I am trying to work on this steadily, and have been, I'm sorry if it doesn't have as quick as updates as Favorable Alignment and a lot of my novellas did. (FA updated quickly for weird reasons though) It frustrates me too, and I really am trying to write my best for Enemy of Mine, but god does this story get weird sometimes. All the chapters are going to be fairly dense in both atmosphere, content, and word count (above 10k) until about after chapter four if my outlines are gonna be trusted to be Gud Shite here. Only the interludes are going to have some breaths of fresh air in the form of other character's perspectives, like Luna, Sombra, and Discord.

TEnemy of Mine
A few years after Luna's return it seems that Equestria will finally know an era of peace and appears to be on the verge of a new renaissance. Ponies are happy. Luna is recovering. Celestia is miserable.
Ice Star · 252k words  ·  66  9 · 2.6k views

Now, what comes after this? That's the big question, and it does have an answer. Enemy of Mine has one direct sequel already outlined, and it will be getting it's update blog and all that. There's two one shot side stories to it, all meant to be 3k and above. Then, however, there is what is meant to be my last story.

Yes, my last. No, it's not official that this is my last - I've always wanted my last story to be a romance novella/long-shot about Sombra and Luna leaving the world to go find a new one now that their home planet has died/is dying. It'd be an Adventure/Romance/Drama thing and I've always loved the idea, because I started writing this universe so I could write about them, and it would be fitting to end it with them too.

That's not that this last story wouldn't have them. Quite the reverse, really. They'd just be sort of secondary characters. Though, they'd still have to be fairly involved because their daughter (second daughter if I'm going to be specific) is one helluva protagonist. This story is 'sorta' outlined too - I know the plot and everything, it's going to be an adventure novel (yes, that means it could be like, 100k and I honestly expect it to be) and back to the good old first person. It's title (which is unlikely to change) is The Sun Chaser and I am looking forward to it so very much. I'm just not sure if it'll be marked as a direct sequel to EoM.

I really hope you are too!

(I also might blog a little more, especially because there's some stories that would be neat to toss out there and other things)

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