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LOVE IS REAL · 3:39am Jan 6th, 2018

The President as a Shrieking Pile of Void Crabs; or, the Cosmically Horrific Satire of Chuck Tingle.

(Not written by me, obviously).

Because again, once you get past all the man on dinosaur (or helicopter, or bigfoot, or ... this could be a long list) action, there's a vague similarity in theme between FiM and the ouvre of Chuck Tingle. Plus, unicorns.

... I may post real content in a couple of days but I make no promises.

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Comments ( 6 )

So... does this have something to do with If You Were a Dinosaur My Love? Because I'm not very 'up' on pop culture. (I find it helps keep whole what shattered fragments of my sanity that remain)

If your sanity is fragile, for the love of Celestia, do NOT look at anything related to Chuck Tingle! :twilightoops:

Chuck Tingle is a sapient love letter to bizarre erotic fiction

I'll be honest, I am deeply bothered by how that article has almost fifty footnotes and all of them are blank.

Chuck Tingle is the anti-Old Man Henderson, making life more cosmically horrifying and then overcoming it with love... where love may at times be defined as "gay sex with abstract concepts."


Kind of? Basically Space Raptor Butt Invasion was joke-nominated by a bunch of trolls (to put it lightly) to mock that story- Dr. Tingle then and just rolled with it and ultra trolled them back, because he is a true buckaroo.

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