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Twilight Sparkle has organized a big fan convention to bring readers and their favorite authors together ... only to find an unexpected guest in attendance: Hugo nominated author Dr. Chuck Tingle!

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This story is completely unrealistic and I want my money back.


Four hours of sleep isn't that deleterious. :ajsmug:

I wish I wasn't in the brony closet so I could share this with more friends.

So thanks for that.

This is good! Though i know not the reference!

“i have written many more important Tinglers because I am best the best author in the world. i heard you were having a BOOK PARTY in this timeline so i decided to come and say hi”

My god he's like the Tommy Wiseau of books.


I binge read all of your stories in a week and wait on baited breath for you next EQG installment and you give me this.
this was fucking fantastic and hilarious

I was already aware of Dr. Tingle, so I knew exactly what I was getting into with this story. It did not disappoint in the least. Thank you for it.

You've got close to a 64% like/total ratio.

I can't imagine why. This story is gold.

I liked this for the Tingle. I Faved it for not actually being a Displaced fic.

So thanks for that.

Who's Chuck Tingle?

*does 30 minutes of research though provided links and own web search*


*rereads this story again in 3 minutes*

Oh boy.

*takes 3 days to read Tingle's work*

Oh my.

"Some say that if one looks in the bottom of the Internet they would find Chuck Tingle there."

"Don't you mean, 'At the bottom of the Internet?'"

"You have much to learn my son."

You are a TRUE BUCKAROO who knows that LOVE IS REAL!

“You know, for a bizarre otherdimensional anomaly, he's surprisingly positive.” Twilight mused.

Pinkie doesn't count for this? Or is she just a native dimensional anomaly?

This turned out much better than I expected. Of course, this is the man who managed to riddle an Anon story into another crossover entirely without a single rough spot, so clearly a gifted author's touch is found here.

Perhaps even a Hugo-nominated one.

Author Interviewer

this story is a GODSEND

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