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It's one of those days. · 10:48am Sep 6th, 2017

I don't get them often, but now and again I get a manic state where I just can't sit still. Yesterday was mostly a rest day but since seven or so last night I've been antsy and moving.

Let's see, so far I've:
Washed, dried, and folded laundry...
Watched all of Fate/Stay Night for the first time...
Cleaned the stove. Again...
Found out season 7 is now on Netflix along with season two of Little Witch Academia...
Drafted stuff for stories...
Updates to my recording equipment and software...
Totally didn't play Pokémon Go...:twilightsheepish:
Snuggled the cats...
Danced like a dork to my Dance playlist...
Watched the rain and lightning in the early morning hours...

And now I'm writing an update blog.

So let's see, To Do list....

Rewrite Saying Goodbye part one
Checkup at Doctors
Pack books...that's going to take some time...:twilightoops:
Tour possible new apartment.
Rehearsal tonight at 7.

And somewhere in there I gotta fit food and a nap. And try to cancel the anxiety of waiting for results of contests and placement exams and if work won't burn down without me to ride herd on the 'kids'.

Oh, new story, On the Inside, is doing rather well. I'm surprised since when I introduced the Pinkie Aria ship I got a lot of "what?" thrown my way. Just wait till we get to the Adagio Sandalwood story. That'll tweak your brains.

So Insurgence is reaching a tipping point and besides OC walk on roles (still open, by the way) all the needed characters have been introduced and assigned their proper places. No character, regardless of seeming insignificance, is pointless. There are some dark scenes coming up and a full scale Conjunction of worlds that will...well, buck things to Tartarus and back. But they plays the thing, so stay tuned there.

And Comparing Notes is going strong and starting onto its ending slope. Will they go home to where home is? Will young Midnight and Sunlight ever see each other again? Will BlackWater's Twilight ever learn to cook safely? Who knows?:pinkiehappy:

Ok, ranting is done. You can go about your day now.

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Comments ( 7 )

Your taking OCs for Insurgence?
I'd love to see any or all of mine if they fit the story:

Javarod, bat pony and canterlot donut maker
Bartlett and Jeremiah Pear, twins, pear farmers, location undetermined
Grape Sucker, pegasus, runs a wine café in Los Pegasus
Trail Cutter, earth pony/¼ unicorn, head of the Harness Guild (freight haulers) in Appleloosa

Ifn any'll be of use to you, I can give you more details.
Oh, and as I've offered before.. at least I think I have, memory like a sieve over here, if you want a proofreader, I'm always available.

I'll see if I can fit them in. Your thestral way be the only one seeing as the setting.

I'll talk to you later about proofing.

Sure, no sweat, I gave the whole list as a menu, take any or none as you see fit. The pear twins were created for pun purposes. As to my bat pony: All about a nox pony

Sure, no rush, I gotta catch up as I just got back from a con, but I normally work round robin style making a couple passes, turn around time dependent on the load (wholly crap is all I have to say for July/August).


Well, when I get the first pass of the re-write for Saying Goodbye: I Love You, Mom I'll hit you up.

Ok, sounds like a plan (and I confused m'self by the symbol for what book case your Homecoming series is on).

Oh, as to ponies, my were (partner) has a unicorn stationer available too ifn you have a use for one.

One question: CTS? I'm guessing Canterlot Thestral Society?

Nope, nothing relevant to your story, and in fact I deleted the reference from his profile as it was a character element that's no longer relevant. Great idea though.

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