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My work has been stolen! · 5:50pm Aug 23rd, 2017

People who love and care for my story, Sun of My Heart, it has been stolen! This guy on fanfiction is stealing my story and posting it on Fanfiction!


Anyone that goes to that site and has an account there, please report him! It really hurts to see my work being stolen from someone who didn't do anything for it.


Report BlueSun52 · 470 views · Story: The Sun of My Heart ·
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Comments ( 31 )

already reported him, i hate scalpers. its fucking cheap. hope it gets resolved soon my friend.

Fucking cuck. He's been reported. But 32 people think he's the original author...

I hope this asshat gets his butt kicked off the site

Oh no....no no no no NO! I refuse to let this go unpunished, He needs to pay for this.




4645641Makes me wonder if he stole RWBY watches JoJo too, as its on SpaceBattles


What a disgusting fuckwad. To see someone steal a story that the author poured their heart and soul into is horrible. You got my full support pal.


Just reported him. No one should get away with plagiarism.

Brah, you need to do the same. Yeah we can get the administrator on our end but you have to help us out as well especially show them evidence of your work

I reported that sonuva bitch

Reported to the Fanfiction team. You know what's also sad, he's stolen comments too.

Darkstone chapter 1 . Jul 23
Finally, getting round to this one. Good start, let us begin!

That is Grade A thievery if I ever saw it.

Oh, and would you look at this? Not only did he blatantly plagiarise your story but he ALSO stole another story off Fimfiction and passed it off as his own.

Just reported it. Hope it is taken down there

I plan to. Currently at work but as soon as I get out, I'll get an account going and nail the final coffin in.

Alright, I just made an account but I can't do anything within 24 hours. But I do have the account ready. Hopefully he'll be shut down before I have to do anything.

I've reported him BlueSun52.
I hope he gets what he deserves, stealing other writers their hard work.
It's disgusting!

Comment posted by 00RaiserGundam deleted Aug 23rd, 2017

Try emailing support@fanfiction.net. Put [abuse] in email subject.

Have any of them replied back to you to tell you that they reported it?

Just reported him. By the sheer number of people on here that seem to have reported him too, I'd say it's pretty likely fanfic does something about it. Sad to see a great story like this stolen, hopefully gets resolved.

I got you covered bud

I just want to take a moment and say thank you all so much for your support on this. This really warms my hear to know that so many of you are still with me for this long and have greatly enjoyed my story. Once this ordeal is over and after I get a few things straight, I will be rewarding everyone something that will make everyone very happy and excited!


















Also reported. I hope it gets sorted soon!

The story has been removed from Fanfiction.net! Thank god!

If anyone wants to help, he has also stolen the FimFiction author Alejin's story, An Unexpected Life.

Just glad to be of assistance. :twilightsmile:

...It better be Sunset in a bikini :ajsmug:

already reported it, his account is gonna get banned at this rate..........

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