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Dat animation style tho, redux · 1:23pm Jun 29th, 2017

I was a lot more interested in the movie trailer than I thought I would be. I really like what we saw of Tempest, and Blunt's voice acting. And once the shock wore off, I also really like the 2D animation. I stepped through the trailer and grabbed some screenshots; hit the break if you want to check them out.

A couple shots of the new and improved Canterlot:

Starlight Glimmer relegated to background pony status where she belongs:

Photographic evidence that the Princesses will have a single scene before inexplicably being overpowered and disappeared for the rest of the movie:

A mysterious tower!

Tempest is gorgeous:

Interested to see exactly how Liev's character plays into things:

Some shots of the ponies:

Look how pretty my OTP is gonna be on the big screen:

I really like what they did with their eyes in the closeups:

I'm told that Taye Diggs has a role, but you'd barely know it from the trailer; also when seapony princesses turn into landpony princesses, their feet have toes:

AJ so scaly:

Weaponized cupcakes! Also Canterlot gets messed up by Tempest's crew:

Mmm, cinematic rainboom:

Swashbuckling Pirate Dash is best Dash:

Seriously, what are the pirates? Anthropomorphic birds sans wings?

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Author Interviewer

Those aren't scales, they're fish freckles :V

In a very odd way, the movie ponies remind me of hobbits. They look younger and pudgier than they really are.

We shall see if this lives up to our admittedly very high expectations.

Edit: Actually, I take it back. The art style reminds me of Twilight's First Day. I love that art style, so this movie's already on good standing with me.


Starlight Glimmer relegated to background pony status where she belongs:

After this movie, I'm expecting her to get even more screentime.

A couple shots of the new and improved Canterlot:

I've wanted to see the land of Equestria rendered this way for years, and it's been worth the wait. Canterlot, the mountain, the renovated throne room... these animators are clearly painting in the corners. Just imagine how it will look on the big screen!

Tempest is gorgeous

You can always tell who the villain is, because he or she looks kind of like a Deviantartists's OC, but actually drawn well. :ajsmug: And if the said villain is female, she'll have a sexy voice--it's a tradition at this point.

Seriously, what are the pirates? Anthropomorphic birds sans wings?

Pirate-parrots. Now I've seen everything. I'll be happy as long as we get at least one "Arr, matey" out of them.

A mysterious tower, in the shape of a broken unicorn horn. CiG wrote of a similar, whole tower a few years ago...

Tempest? More like General Zoi. :rainbowwild:

Oh man oh man oh man. The trailer is filling me with hype for this movie — in much the same way that the Equestria Girls early leaks filled me with dread, except so much better. :pinkiehappy:

Site Blogger

The Lionsgate press package says that Tempest sings. My body is so ready.

Cat man checking out that white ass like the patrician he is.

It's fascinating that Tempest does indeed look more "equine" than the Mane Six -- longer and more defined snout, sharper head lines, etc. The gang totally do have a soft, smooshy, child-like design in this art-style...

Site Blogger

Obviously more horsey-looking ponies are "evil," like we might think poorly of Neanderthal-looking humans. No one wants to be reminded of their less attractive, less evolved forebears.

And yet, it's not a "crude" primitive look. It's more... feral. The more equine features make her look predatory, almost lizard-like. I think it helps compensate for the trustworthy and childish HUGE eyes that all ponies, her included, stuff into their skulls. A villain would usually have smaller, more beady and creepy eyes.

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