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Today Is My Birthday · 1:42am Jun 28th, 2017

Art by DarkMoonRising0290 a.k.a PenumbraGlow0290

So I turned 23 today and all around it wasn't a big or crazy event just lots of good people and way too much food.

All n all this last year was pretty good got to talk and associate with the guy whose work pretty much convinced to start an account here. Plus I met and got pretty close with tons of other people who are fans of his work.

So to everybody, I met in the past year just wanted to say thank you for being there for me you guys have gone above and beyond for me.

So here's to another great year.

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Glad to know ya too SS! Enjoy yer Bday!

Happy birthday!

Happy birthday mi amigo.

Congratulation Pen, your card just stabbed me in the feels. I hope your happy. xD

Happy b-day Buddy.

Happy birthday!

Happy bday u horse

happy birthday!

I'm a little late but
Happy birthday!:heart:

Happy (late) birthday!

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