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A art blog of sorts and new spooky avatar for Halloween · 4:13am Oct 3rd, 2017

I know this really good artist, PenumbraGlow0290. She isn't that well known and deserves more fame than she has. I have decided to make this blog to promote her art and try to help make them more known. So here's some art she has drawn for me, Also she does take commissions but as of the moment, she is taking a break, But does plan on returning to doing commissions at a later date.

So starting off I guess to show off my new avatar

I'll choose some of earliest art just to show how much she has grown in little over a year

I think no amount of context will help with this one

All the cuddles!

And this one is just because ....

Old shadowbolt avatar

A reference for my version of Soarin

So that's quite a bit of the art from her that she has done, plus she has tons more spectacular stuff on her deviant art here

Y'all should check her out and if you're looking for an artist to commission later down the road keep an eye on her

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Yesssss Penny needs more fans to kill with "DIABEETUS":pinkiecrazy::pinkiecrazy:

hey penumbra... poke poke... SHIPPING.

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