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If You Would Consider a Santa Hat 2: Electric Boogaloo · 8:31pm Dec 3rd, 2017

Hey there folks, SS here.

It's that time of year on fimfiction again where you may see user's don Santa hats on their avatars. If you're unfamiliar with this tradition on the site, it was started by The Descendant who on the first Sunday of Advent asked the users of fimfic to place transparent .gif/.png of a Santa hat on their avatars, or if you are lucky enough as I was, got a custom festive holiday avatar made for the occasion.

Art by PenumbraGlow0290 (seriously pen if you're reading this i can't thank enough for this avatar)

So like last years blog I'm kindly asking you to consider putting a Santa hat upon your avatars and to keep the site tradition going!

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I dunno how -_-

 It is simply done using a transparent .gif/.png and the most basic image editing programs which come on most computers. Here's a couple of pages full of transparent .gifs/.png's for you to choose one from:

This page has Santa hats!

And so does this one!

Will do if I can remember it by the time I get to a computer.

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