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I swear, with every episode The Sibling Situation gets more relevant... · 6:30pm Jun 21st, 2017

That's most definitely NOT your timeline, Dinky...

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I'd lean toward the fact there are either multiples of Dinky, Ruby and Tootsie, time travel or they're ageless immortals.

I'm guessing a bit of all three. Maybe even Dinky, Ruby, and Tootsie are all duplicates of one pony. I mean, aside from colour, they all look the same.

Maybe, though it would be amusing if they were, I mean, Ruby had two other copies of herself in Twilight Time while Dinky showed up as a pegasus in one scene and then a unicorn in the other in On Your Marks.

Well, Ruby had her pegasus moments as well:
(also, Starlight Glimmer screwed the past somehow, despite Twilight fixing it in the end. Or Rainbow just couldn't exactly recall whether that pony watching her was an earth pony or a pegasus).

She probably couldn't recall if Pinchy was a pegasus or not back then, or she just didn't remember right.

Can't really blame her, here. Also, it seems that pegasus Pinchy doesn't age either. I think she even appeared before unicorn one:
According to derpibooru, she's named Cupid, though.

Yeah, if anything, the species swapping between the three of them is interesting too (funny to see that it took until season 6 for us to get a pegasus and earth pony Dinky too).

She did, though her being a unicorn is more common.

Yup. The wiki also says that Tootsie Flute was an earth pony in Green Isn't Your Colour and a pegasus in Cutie Mark Chronicles (but everyone was a pegasus in that episode, it seems). Not to mention her cutie marks which include a horseshoe, a flower, and a hourglass (the last one would make sense, although I'm pretty sure I used the first two in two different stories).

Also, I always find it amusing that Tootsie's only line in a show is calling Rainbow Dash "lame". Which leads to my favourite of all the temporal paradoxes:
Man, Amethyst Star should really stop worrying about Twilight being a better organiser. It makes her look old.

On a side note, is it me, or Berry Punch was always an adult, even when Pinkie, Derpy, Flitter, Cloudchaser, and Minuette were young?

Yeah, I did notice that, kind of interesting, not to mention, Derpy was an adult when Twi was a filly, likewise for Colgate and Lyra being adults in the same place.

Personally, for Tootsie and Amethyst, I kind of see them as friends of sorts (I still subscribe to the headcanon that Tootsie is Lyra's kid, but that's me).

Well, in the early days of the show there were a lot of Minuettes running around in pretty much every crowd scene. Changelings or a mirror pool experiment gone wrong?

I like the headcanon that Lyra and Bon Bon adopted Tootsie, myself. As for Amethyst, I guess she knows Tootsie is a time traveller. She met her in a few periods of her life and they always help each other.

Yeah, same goes for Bon Bon too and some others, heck, it even happened to Derpy as well back in Winter Wrap Up.

I think Berry Punch wins the most odd placement. Sure everyone breaks the timeline but Berry was the first one to discover crystal empire.


In all other cases we can just say that they were reusing an existing model to fill the regular pony crowd. But Berry alone infiltrated Crystal ponies.

Also for me Dinky is mastermind trying to conquer the multiverse and Tootsie is her sidekick.

That reminds me of these pics:
Now I wonder if getting disguised as certain ponies is a matter of fashion among changelings...

That awkward moment when you get drunk and you only want to go to the shop for some cigarettes, but you somehow end up in the Crystal Empire, having destroyed the One Ring and found all the horcruxes...

Also, remember that Berry is Ruby Pinch's mother. That explains a lot.

Could be something that certain Changelings enjoy doing, which would be interesting to say the least.

And PiƱa Colada is aunt to Ruby Pinch. Since she is Berry's younger sister.


Yeah I kinda go with Berry, Cherry, Pinch and Pina all to be siblings in a giant Berry family. Less depressive than having Berry be single alcoholic mother.

Of course it is madness trying to figure out background ponies in the first place.

I agree its Not her Timeline. I Think it gets out of Control

I imagined changelings having "who can get pony X better" contest. You get more points the closer you get to the original, measures and all.

Hmm, this could happen. Also, that'd mean Berry's mother is still around and Berry was born when she was pretty young (given at least ten years of age difference between the siblings).

She probably finds it pretty inconvenient. Like, she goes to school and when she gets there, it's suddenly thirty years before and Mayor Mare takes over her seat in the class (on the other hand, at least history lessons are shorter).

Yes and confusing to her, perhaps even anyoying

Sounds like a fun contest between Changelings and amusing, if the original ponies show up and suddenly see a group of Changelings looking exactly like them in the same place.

Then, the original pony gets mistaken for a changeling... and loses the contest.

Which would be purely ironic as a result.

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