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Vision of the Batpony · 10:22pm Jun 12th, 2017


A little blog post for the kind readers following my Journey with a Batpony. After a lot of turmoils and issues that were postponing me, I am happy to announce that I am back to writing the next chapter. It is one of rather... crucial importance, so I would like for its quality to be of the highest order. Hence why, I will take my time finishing and polishing it, hoping that I can ask all of you for a little more patience. I believe it will be worth it.

That being said, I am planning on doing a checkup of the previous chapters of my story as well, to repair the mistakes in narration and presentation that I feel might be affecting them to this day. It will also be something to keep me consistent in preparing this next piece I wish to showcase.

Actually, speaking of which...

I have decided that, since my tale has gathered some measure of popularity, it is time to, maybe, introduce the likeness of a very, very important pony, that managed to give one Twilight Sparkle this... funny feeling in her heart.


Once again, I have the wonderful DoeKitty to thank for the care and time sacrificed to give you all the glorious visage of Midnight Wind. Be sure to check her out!

Also, stay tuned. This handsome warrior is not done yet and neither is the story.


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Comments ( 12 )

YES YES YES YES YES! I always find it hard to visualize characters just based on descriptions, but it is wonderful finally see him in picture form. Excellent job, DoeKitty, your work is astounding :twilightsmile:

Happy to hear you are back to writing Journey. I look forward to reading it.

Nice picture of Midnight Wind.


Indeed, she is a blessing! Go check her other work out! If you want good care taken of you and your characters, she is the one to go to!


DoeKitty captured him perfectly.

swarthy af


Comes with the culture. :twilightsmile:

Great! now i got a face for the Character. Hes a rather dashing fellow aint he?


I always believed that to be at least part of "the point". :raritywink:

That's wonderful! So we finally see this mysterious nightguardian.... Oh I waited to see his roguish grin since chapter IX, ben robite Doekitty!


Yup, that's him in all his glory! DoeKitty, indeed, did incredibly well!

I see what you did there lol

Nice picture you got there. :)


Great artists give us good great works. :twilightsmile:

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