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The Year's Rundown · 9:02pm Dec 31st, 2022

Greetings, everyone!

My, what a year it was! Well, one could say that every year can be summarized by such a statement, yet I have a distinct feeling like this particular one could actually earn it properly, you know? Why? Well, let me tell you a little bit about it, if you would be so kind as to give me a moment to describe it.

Self-indulgently, I will start with myself and my very own life, although I know that it might seem rather prideful to do so. However, as one can quite easily testify that one's personal situation can strongly affect one's writing, some things have to be said about 2022 from my perspective. This time around, as it happens, I can easily say that I have ended the year "on the plus side". Without going too deeply and uncomfortably into the details, this November I managed to finally close one of the darkest chapters of my life so far. A matter which has been festering in my core since 2016, connected with, shall we say, a very close family member turning out not to be who everybody thought he was, and being culpable for some disgusting and disreputable behavior. The matter is now concluded, the culprit can slowly, but surely fade from my memory down to the absolutely necessary level, and I am stress-free for the first time in years. I hope that the high I am on due to finally being done with this issue shall carry me on for some time still.

That, and my health situation clarifying pretty much entirely, would prompt me to mark this time as very positive for me... well, if it weren't for the state of the World currently. Again, I don't think details are necessary, one can see quite a lot from Poland as of now. As a person aspiring to care for the fellow man, I find it hard to express general happiness when terrible things are happening around. Who would have thought that the pandemic wouldn't be the last, great challenge the World is facing in recent years. Are we missing any of the Riders of the Apocalypse still, per chance?

But, let us not fall into utter hopelessness. We have to learn to make the most out of every given day, whatever circumstances we are in, and, in the case of the site which we are on, that means writing. Perhaps a small and insignificant thing in comparison to others, but dear to my heart, nonetheless. For it is my writing that, to my surprise, still makes people happy about experiencing it, and that seems at least somewhat worthwhile. Let me start by saying that I am most honored and tremendously grateful to everybody who decided to spend their precious time on enjoying my works. Works that could appear mostly due to me trying my best at maintaining my yearly goal of 750 words per day. I know, I know, seems a bit minimalist, but I started with 500 the previous year, that was even worse, right? Again, I am overjoyed to say that I have managed my goal quite steadily, and when foreseen and unforeseen situations stopped me from fulfilling it, I was able to make up for it in the days following, on and on.

The results were, as follows...

- Grave Matters - honestly, I could have sworn that I published a chapter for it this year, but... well, I haven't. And that's alright with me. Not that I am happy to leave the tale in progress for so long, but I have learnt to accept that when inspiration hits differently, one has to follow it first and foremost. That being said, my little tale of a most unfortunate gravedigger and his problem of a gathering, ghostly host will see more content in the coming year, for certain.

- The Rose and the Serpent - the, less than thrilling, dabble in matters of hissing hegemony with hypnosis high jinks saw one chapter this year. Dissatisfying, honestly, also for me, but I think I will be happy to write a chapter or two leading to the conclusion of the tale this time around, and graciously accept the outcome of my little experiment. It is fun, honestly, to try oneself in such creative adventures, even if they are not one's main thing!

- Journey with a Batpony - speaking of "main thing", holy Immaculate Moon, Batman! Uhm, "batpony", sorry. Eighteen chapters published with, surprise, surprise, nineteenth in proof-reading and one more half-done already. I think it is warranted to say that I am on a roll, and I couldn't be more joyous about it. I feel that this tale is following my vision in the smoothest way, and I am more than giddy to see what is about to happen, alongside all the readers. I mean, I do know what is coming, but that doesn't make my any less excited to continue creating this grand story, one that finds so much interest among you, to my continuous surprise. I hope to provide more of it, to the best of my abilities, as I am planning on focusing on the "Journey" persistently in the year ahead, and I am looking forward to all the comments and speculations. I drink from them, like one drinks from a fresh, mountain spring!

The year ahead that I mentioned shall be, actually, marked with me imposing a new quota on myself, one that I have already implemented for this Christmas season. 1000 words a day. Don't you love round numbers? Anyway, I am more than confident now in my refreshed strength to fulfill this goal. Whether it shall be "Journey", any other tale or something new, maybe involving a certain, legally-obsessed pony, and whether those words shall be initially good or bad, that's not that important. Step by step, on and on, that is how great quests are undertaken. And I feel that this writing of mine, so silly and basic, did become something of a quest, of creation, of self-improvement, of bringing joy to others. Having said that, I offer my honest and gracious thanks to everybody that spent this year with me again, or joined this adventure on the way. Each and every one of you is a blessing, a chance, an experience, all of which I welcome. Just as you are most welcome to stick around and enjoy yourselves with my frivolous pastime!

So, I wish to leave you, at the brink of the New Year 2023, with the absolutely best wishes... and a reminder. Reminder that you matter. That you are worthwhile. That you have a chance to bring so much light, so much meaning and color to the World around us, and especially when we all struggle with many, terrible challenges. But, together, we can make it through, I am certain of it. May we see one another throughout 2023, and may we meet at its end on the right side of things.

All of you, stay safe, healthy... and stay tuned.


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Best Wishes :twilightsmile:

Also glad to hear things are looking up for you.


Same to you! And, yes, thankfully. :twilightblush:

It seems that progress on Journey with a batpony is going smooth and I hope that 2023 won't do anything to you to stop that.


I will do my best not to let that happen, no. :pinkiesmile:

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