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Past Year, Future Year · 5:26pm Dec 31st, 2021

... and us, in the middle of it all.

Greetings, everyone. As it was mentioned in the Christmas Wishes' blog, I wanted to do a little summary of 2021. Mostly to simply stay in touch, as I find bragging to be a little graceless. But what time better for a summary than the present.

Right, I suppose a general state of life should be mentioned. And, honestly, I am a little reluctant to say that this passing year was "good". Mostly due to the obvious. As a person who, despite his certain drawbacks and problems with humanity in general, tries to always think of the fellow man, I simply cannot consider 2021 positively. The pandemic situation, among other things, has gripped us for far too long, I think we can all agree.

Still, personally, I think I have done rather well. There were issues, certainly. I actually ended up hospitalized twice in quick succession, if you can believe it. However, not only have I encountered great medical staff, but discovering one health issue led to discovering another. And dealing with the latter caused me to by far better off than I could imagine. I have some way to go still, but at least I know the path I'm taking.

And, connected to that... my New Year's resolution last time this Eve came, was to take care of my writing process. A simple goal. 500 words a day. That's literally that. Not much, no... but I can proudly say that, when I felt like it, I did more and when I really didn't feel like it, I still got it done (well, minus those days of illness and weakness, but I shall allow myself to absolve myself there). This 500 words... it's not even supposed to be good. It's supposed to be done. Then you can make it good. And... it seems that at least some folk this year considered my creation good enough, indeed. And that's also good enough for me. I write for myself, to have an outlet for imagination and inspiration, but to know that my silly words and tales managed to invoke joy and emotions... yes, that's a reward.

The volume of this writing progression was rather grand. Perhaps not entirely up to what I envisioned initially... but I think I can allow myself that little bit of an achievement.

- Your Money or Your Love - my little, Valentine dalliance turned out to be rather successful. And, honestly, very fun to write. I planned on maybe having a continuation this year, but inspiration didn't hit quite right. Ah, well, maybe this time around.

- Grave Matters - another smaller project, from the other, deathly-and-beyond, spectrum of things, ended up with four chapters of varying, if smaller levels of interest. That's alright. I'm more than glad to let go of morbidly comical ideas in the form of future installments whenever I feel particularly spirited. Puns, hah.

- The Rose and the Serpent - my personal adventure with writing a mind control tale with a little more, I suppose, weight and gravity than it can be usually found about this place is not an... astounding success to me this year, I wouldn't say. But maybe I'm just being overly critical. Three chapters, some progression. A more niche piece, not surprising, but I'm simply glad that I got to have some more scaly meat on it. Also might see a couple more updates before concluding.

- Journey with a Batpony - yes, the big one. My flagship tale. Literally, at this point. This year has resulted in twelve chapters of this story. That's the equivalent of the three previous years (counting that one, side chapter of passion - you know the one, the one I cannot directly link). This grand story is, without a doubt, the greatest source of my joy. It seems that whenever I need something to write, "Journey" is that something, the one fable I have the focus to work on. And, to my positive surprise, the amount of hours I dedicated to it this year has resulted in a number of the readers, old and new, enjoying it a great deal. Even praising the tale's progression and meanders. I am humbled by that. Humbled and so, so joyous... Yes, it was meant to be a big thing from the start, but seeing all those discussions, questions... it brought me my strength back and I don't think I can be grateful enough. The Journey is my journey as well and the travel is good right now...

So, with that summary, come the thanks. To everybody that stumbled upon my strange works and strange place on the Internet. To everybody that glanced, looked, read, chose a favorite, commented, followed... I'm grateful for each and every one of you, however brief this encounter was. A writer has no greater joy than seeing the interest, witnessing the feelings brought forth due to the tales being weaved by his insignificant self. So my gratitude this year is immense.

And also leads me to, in the continuous attempts of bettering myself in many, sometimes strange ways, to continue in my resolution and boost it up. 750 words. Each day, every day. Whatever tale I envision. Why not 1000? Small steps. That's how you get somewhere in the end. The proof's above.

So, finishing the blog up as not to make it a story of its own, many thanks to all of you. May the coming year be better. Be... predictable. I think that would sum it up the best. As always, stay safe, stay healthy...

Stay tuned,


Comments ( 10 )

Take care of yourself. Happy New year!

Inspiring words! Hopefully 2022 is better than the last!


I'll do my best, definitely. Happy New Year. :pinkiesmile:


Hear, hear. It's time we get a break. :twilightsheepish:

Happy New Year and (late) Christmas!

Congrats on making it through the health scare and keeping up with your resolutions! But don't hesitate to take a break for self care if you need it!

Happy New Years and here is to a great new year to you and your wonderful cast.


A break? Me? Had enough of that. Now it's time for action. But thank you regardless. :twilightsmile:


Many thanks, I'll make sure to use those wishes to the best of my abilities. :pinkiesmile:

A very Happy New Year to you too Gulheru!
We should be one thanking you for all the hours you spend working on your story, you wrote 12 chapters of the Journey this year, who would have believe it?
I have never found a story as compelling and captivating as the Journey.


Please, friend, you humble me. It is my pleasure to write and the fact it's compelling is a happy accident. :twilightblush:

Congratulations on achieving your 500 words a day. As someone who has tried, and failed, to get to that goal repeatedly, I more than understand this is not as easy as it sounds.


It's really not... but it's damn satisfying when you have even such a little goal that you are achieving repeatedly. Feels like days aren't just rushing past you.

So I'd encourage you to find one again. :twilightsmile:

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