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Berry and Ruby Trailer · 10:09pm May 21st, 2017

Okay, guys. This could be the darkest thing I've ever written.
And I've been comparatively plain in practice.
It's surprising what a lot you can do with very little.
Anyway. I think Balisong might climb high on the 'This Villain Needs To Pay!' list after this (As if I didn't already have enough of those :ajbemused:)
Let me know what you think.

It took a lot to disturb the mid-morning peace at Sparkler’s home but Derpy coming down to find her most precious daughter so horribly sick and bleeding caused panic unparalleled.
She took the place of Pipsqueak, frantically mopping at where Dinky was bleeding, begging her not to die, until the Doctor and Sparkler, with great difficulty, managed to calm her. Tenderly, her parents wrapped Dinky up in a towel and carried her out the house, heading straight to the hospital.
Pipsqueak could not eat that morning and sat on his bed, his head in his lap, his eyes refusing to close, stunned with worry.
The foals were quiet as they ate much less than what they usually did. Not even Truffle Shuffle asked for a third pancake.
Quietly saying their goodbyes, Tootsie and Sparkler watched them make their way home.
Some had their parents pick them up, others lived reasonably close enough to walk home safely. Ruby was one such filly. A short walk up through town put her squarely on the path home where Berry Punch would be waiting.
Ruby took each step gingerly, thinking hard about what she’d seen.
Dinky was throwing up blood.
That could not have been a good sign.
Even in her worst of ailments, her mother had never reported to have done that.
She’d have to ask her mother about this when she got home. Or her Aunt Cheerilee.
The whole town would probably be concerned. Dinky was so nice to everypony. The CMC had once gone on to say she sets an example for the rest of the foals.
Her mind flooded with worries and notions, Ruby found the door to her house unlocked. Her mother was home.
Thank goodness. Ruby felt she needed her at this time.
“Mum?” she called out. The lights were off. There was no sound anywhere in the house.
She remembered her mother and aunt had gone out with some friends. Berry had told Ruby the importance of turning off every light and locking every door after leaving the house long ago.
But if she wasn’t home...who unlocked the door?

There was a package that had been put through the mailbox but it wasn’t wrapped in the usual manner, just plain paper envelope without a stamp. Derpy couldn’t have delivered it, particularly since she’d spent the morning with them and was now taking Dinky to hospital.
Uncertain, Ruby picked it up and read.
To Ruby
From Mummy
She tilted her head, slightly confused. Opening it, she found herself even more confused.
It was a DVD. Also unmarked.
The house had a player and a TV, a birthday present from Aunt Cheerilee so that Berry could watch the filming of the school plays Ruby had starred in.
Why would her mother send her a DVD? Was it a message? A gift? She could find no sensible reason for it.
Not stopping to turn on a light, Ruby switched on the devices, put in the DVD and sat tentatively on the floor.
It played automatically. There was no menu.
The screen was black, then blurry, then black again. Then a face appeared, illuminated by a colourless light.
It was a purple-coated mare with blonde dreadlocks and a criss-crossed scar across her cheek.
She smiled at the camera in a way Ruby found unsettling. It was nothing like mummy’s smile or aunt Cheerilee’s smile or even any smile she’d ever seen.
The mare in the film spoke, her accent Horsetralian.
“Ello mates” she said, almost merrily “Welcome back. I’m...well, you know who I am, and I found myself some real fine chums in mainland Equestria, Ponyville to be precise. Nice place, bring your camera, it’s worth a visit” Her manner was so jovial yet the room was dim and appeared quite dank. The mare looked away from the camera, which came to a stop and rested in front of a quivering bundle of what looked like rope and gunnysack “And now, I bet your just aching to see the first of my new mates. She’s a real nice one, only thirty-four this year, lovely shade of maroon all round and a nice set of curves” she winked and placed a hoof over the bundle “Fillies and gentlecolts, feast yer peepers!”
Ruby had, just then, realised what the bundle was.
A pony, tied to a chair with a sack over its head. Faint groans and whimpers came from behind the sack and as it was lifted, Ruby gave a gasp and threw herself back against the seat of the couch, her khaki eyes wide and sunken with horror.

Her mother stared groggily at the camera, bleeding from the nose and lip, her head lolling against her shoulder. The dreadlocked mare placed a hoof around Berry’s shoulder and flashed a grin.
“Tell ‘em your name, darl. Loud and clear”
Berry gave a small, shuddering whine but said nothing.
“Your name, love. I don’t think they heard it”
Berry refused to speak.
Ruby stared, unable to speak with a gaping mouth and a trembling lip.
The dreadlocked mare gave the back of Berry’s mane a tug and spoke less jovially.
“Tell them your name”
“No” Berry mumbled.
The mare took a deep inhale through flared nostrils as her horn glowed green.
Ruby watched, transfixed, as a small knife that looked better suited for gardening hovered before the camera and began to glow with heat.
Berry’s plum-purple eyes widened with terror at the sight as the mare beside her idly checked her hooves.
“B-B-Berry. Berry Punch! My name’s Berry Punch!” she stammered before the mare’s hoof clasped over her mouth.
“Shh...” She whispered, slowly retracting her hoof and pausing a moment, tilting the camera a little lower to show all of Berry Punch seated in the chair.
Then, as Berry opened her mouth to answer, the knife dived down and buried itself in her right hind-leg.
Ruby drew back, no sound able to escape from her mouth, her heart hammering against her chest as her mother’s screams poured out the TV speaker.
On and on she screamed until the knife was slowly removed, having cooled significantly, leaving behind a horrific, bleeding incision.
“Sorry, I interrupted you there. You were saying?” the mare asked.
“You...you...” the terrified mother spluttered through shock and pain “You’re crazy!”
The mare gave a laugh that sounded absolutely genuine.
“Love, I’ll take you to see some of my co-workers one day. I'll show you real crazy. But anyway...Your name?”
“Buck you!”
The mare’s smile vanished and her foreleg shot forward, slugging Berry Punch across the face with ferocity, before grabbing her throat and hissing, bared-teeth fury prevalent on her once-composed face.
“You better watch your scudding language, ya’ filthy nag! There are foals watching!” Her hoof relaxed as she continued in a more measured and far more insidious tone as her grin returned.
“Wh...What?” Berry’s horrified gape matched her daughters as her captor smiled sweetly at the camera and cooed.
“Hello Ruby. Look, mummy’s on TV! How’s your day been, sweetheart? Having fun at school? Well, your mummy and I and are about to teach you a really important lesson now so watch closely. Very important you know why you should never play with sharp objects”
Her horn glowing, she brought up a thin, curved blade, spun it in front of the camera and rested it upon Berry’s other hind-leg.
The captive whimpered.
“Please! Please don’t hurt her! Not my daughter! Not my little Ruby!”
“Don’t worry, love. I ain’t touched her. Swear on my life. I’m just leaving her a little message to let her know why mummy’s away. Now, Ruby...Do you spell Berry with two ‘r’s or just one? Let me show you”
As the knife pressed against soft flesh, Ruby watched as her mother, streams of tears pouring down her cheeks, looked directly into the camera and pleaded.
“Ruby...Don’t look! Please don’t look!”

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Comments ( 6 )

You are correct, Balisong must pay.

Sky and Winds, Hailstones and Hurricanes, I hope this filthy bitch DIES at some point before the end of this one!

Preferably JUST as HORRIBLY (or maybe more so!) as her victims!

*feels more than a bit queasy after reading all that*

Purple, love, I hope you know that I may not SLEEP very well tonight after reading this.

Poor Berry and Poor Ruby having to See this.:fluttershyouch: Sounds like a Job for the Eternal knights! To the Rescue!

4541997 Sorry Wolf. I'm not going overboard, am I?

4541812 Yeah.
I mean, I'm kind of thankful I kept her kind of on the sidelines till now because she's a different kind of evil.
She's not wild and berserk like Bloodhound.
She's not hammy and eccentric like Corax.
She's not bat-curd homicidal like Gringore.
She's not cold and collected like Blue Murder.
She's just genuinely sadistic in its basic definition.
She achieves pleasure from the pain inflicted upon those she has captive as well as their loved ones.
And the fact that she does this privately as opposed to her colleagues make you worried about just where she draws the line!
Feel free to put it on the Nightmare Fuel page.

4542406 That's okay.

And no, you're not.

That was just me speaking to the horror that is Balisong.

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