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You Guys · 7:47pm Mar 2nd, 2017


Report RBDash47 · 222 views · #childhood
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...cautious enthusiasm.

Author Interviewer

Feeling better about this, still not sure I'd watch it. That last scene with Launchpad got me laughing though. :D

He sounds great, and so does Donald. Scrooge sounds like David Tennant doing a decent Scrooge McDuck impression.

The kids, though...

So I just started watching Star vs. the Forces of Evil, and one of the few things I have to criticize is that the kids don't really sound like kids, teenagers though they may be. They seem to be doing the same thing here, and worse, going the snarky/wacky route for all four, and it doesn't really fit here. I mean, the triplets and Webby were never more than cannon fodder in the original series, a reason for the characters to go adventuring when they got kidnapped or whatever. If they're switching focus to make them the main characters...

Well, we'll see.

Hmm. I don't actively want to scream, which is an advance over some reboots I could name. The kids could go either way -- great fun or immensely annoying. Scrooge McTennant is fine once I get used to it being him. The final bit with Launchpad was fantastic. So yeah, add me to the "maybe, just maybe" list on this one.

Doctor Who, millennials and Duck Tales

Awoo ooo :applejackunsure:

It's enough to know that this will at least be better then the Powerpuff Girls reboot. :pinkiesick:

Well, crap. I wish I didn't have all the nostalgia that this reboot will surely not live up to.
Still, I'm going to watch the living crap out of it. :rainbowlaugh:

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