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  • 16 weeks
    I'm not dead

    I'm very sick. I'm working on it with my doc and my healthcare team.

    Black lives matter so goddamn much.

    I'm up in Canada and I still know this.

    Yes, I'm probably preaching to the choir, but right now I do not have the time or the energy to explain why you're wrong. Find someone else.

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    Anyone need an EFNW Room?

    All is well. Hail the great and powerful FoME. but seriously gang, be warned. If you book through the consite, you don't get refunds.

    Because I was planning on going but life happened.

    And uh, I can't get a refund.

    Since I booked through the con they took my money and now it's theirs, in their hoard and I'm fucked.

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    Let's show Dancer some love.

    Hey gang,
    i'm sure you all know the lovely and talented Midnight Dancer, if you don't, now the time to fix that! She makes deliciously scented soaps, writes cool stories and is the parent to best child.

    She's also marrying an amazing individual who makes her happy beyond her wildest dreams.

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    Plum info he isn't to read

    This is your final warning, Plem, go 'way

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    Ponyboots are historical fact.

    Thank you Vinland and archeologists. Field schools are so cool.

    Also Aquaman is doing cool shit. People less ill than me have been linking all over. Why aren't you following them?

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Amazing videos · 4:20pm Jan 18th, 2017

So I addictively watch youtube. I use it as background noise and it helps me cope with my anxiety.

Of late I've fallen in love with a channel simply titled 'Great Big Story' It sounds ambitious, but it lives up to its name. The channel is a bit like Atlas Obscura if you know that site. They focus on sharing amazing stories from all over the world and from all walks of life.

The video lengths range from just over a minute to around 6 minutes, the longest I've seen is 17 minutes. The topics are a whole other story.

Glancing over at the ended video and seeing that layout of other videos on this channel I currently see: Grass portraits, The voice of Mario, Someone who makes fairy doors, Cowboys, Giving amputees the sense of touch, and the deadliest garden in the world.

It's no surprise to say this channel covers a lot of topics. I've included some of my favourite videos below to help you hopefully get addicted too.

The world is a beautiful place and maybe someday we'll find a female tree.

This makes me smile that the VA is just such a genuinely happy kind person.

I once thought of going into Foley

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Comments ( 3 )

I adore that grammar graffiti video.

We make the world better, one punctuation mark at a time.

"What, people called 'Romanes?' They 'go into houses?'..."


These are fantastic!

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