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Wow · 7:28am Dec 13th, 2016

Before I posted "Chrysalis, I've Come To Bargain!", I had 59 followers.


Now I have 75 followers. What. And I've reached the Featured Board once again, at a whopping Slot 4, the highest spot I've reached yet!

Pretty cool. I think I'll post a proper blogpost for "Chrysalis, I've Come To Bargain!" tomorrow. I'm tired. G'night.

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congrats on the followers hope many many more will follow you and see your great works of writing.

4337902 Thanks, mate. Means a lot. Now if ya don't mind me, I'm off to bed!

Well it's a damn good story.:ajsmug:

Well you good job!

I'm one of those I believe :derpytongue2:

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