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Legend of Everfree Thoughts · 1:43am Oct 5th, 2016

So I had the chance to watch the new EQG movie yesterday, and I gotta admit it's probably my least favorite of them so far. There was a lot more in this movie that felt like it was taking the series down that all too predictable "teen girl high school show" route, and it lost a bit of its spark in doing so. Timber was the quickest I hated a new character in a WHILE. His sister was okay, and I liked her evil form, but it really felt like she wasn't even much of a villain. The Dazzlings, Cinch, even original Sunset were actively malicious from the very beginning. Gloriosa was just kinda doing too much. Even her big evil plan was actively protecting the other campers. So it was a little weak as far as villainous intent goes.

I know as a shipper that all of the things I'd love to see in EQG will never happen. Hasbro will NEVER give us a Sunset/Twilight pairing, or even let the writers flirt with getting close to it like other companies have. So I don't have any delusions that we'll get a Korrasami moment anywhere in the series. But wooooow, please hold back on the tacked on romances. I was already rolling my eyes hard with Timber, and then when Flash suggested he and Sunset give it another try I made an audible groan.

It's a strength of the main MLP universe that they don't try to put that stuff in. Just give me my ambiguously gays horses and teenage girls and my imagination will take it from there.

I avoided reading reviews because I didn't want spoilers, but what did other community people think? Do a lot of people utterly despise Timber as much as I do?

Also, who in their right mind would give Derpy more arrows?

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I'm with you 1000% timber spruce pissed me off the entire time and I just kept rolling my eyes every time he hit on Twilight and when flash tried to get with Sunset again I physical grabbed my bass cannon and was ready to blow up my laptop

Also, who in their right mind would give Derpy more arrows?

"Right mind" being the important part of that sentence :rainbowlaugh:

But yeah, I so would like bacon horse to get together with book human, but probably not going to happen... Unfortunately :fluttercry:

4240578 Timber Spruce, more like Timber Douche amirite

4240585 someone give this man a fucking cookie :rainbowlaugh:

But yeah, I so would like bacon horse to get together with book human, but probably not going to happen... Unfortunately

We will always have fanfiction even if Hasbro has no balls

I thought it was a bit disgusting that a older person would think it was OK to hit on a teenage girl who is in High school no less. As for derpy getting more arrows I don't really see a issue with this as long as there is no one else around while she is shooting the bow.

4240606 That's a good point. When I was in camp the counselors were all 5-10 years older than the campers, and authority figures on top. And he was INSTANTLY hitting on her. "Sapphire's the best because you're in it, bby."

Super sleazy. And that's coming from me, and I have a HUGE tolerance for sleaze.

4240612 I also never really liked the idea of Flash dateing Sunset even when she was evil mainly because he really doesn't seem like the type of person who would willing put up with being used like that. I too want to see Sunset and Twilight get together yet we both know that Hasbro won't do it. I say they need to grow a pair of balls and just do it already they don't need to kiss or even sleep each other but perhaps get a place together. And the ending also drove me batty because here you have a human Twilight who had done nothing to earn the alicorn wings and horn yet she gets them in the end and Sunset gets a stupid dress and crown! REALLY? I think hasbro dropped the ball on this movie I liked it because it was and is a Equestria girls movie yet still it needs work a lot of work.

Didn't watch it, I don't watch anything mlp related nowadays. Only thing I do on this site is following stories that haven't completed and reading clopfics.

okay, so when I first saw Timber hitting on Sci-Twi in the trailers, I had a bit of hope that maybe Hasbro learned from their mistakes with Flash. At the very least Timber had some common interest with Sci-Twi and wasn't a complete mish mash of stereotypes like Flash was. Also, I haven't seen much of the movie beyond trailers and the occasional clip of it.

That said, I can sorta see where you're coming from with the age difference thing and lack of professionalism on his part. Also, I don't entirely know what Gloriosa's motive as a villain was. In fact, I was surprised she did become the villain. I would have thought it would have been a return of Midnight Sparkle and that Gaia Everfree was just some spooky ghost story.

I really need to watch the movies, but the cringe factor of the first one prevents me.

I personally put it as my second favourite of the series. I rather liked Timber after not thinking much of him from the preview clips, mainly because he had some purpose in the story aside from just being a love interest like Flash was in say the first movie, and he actually interacted with Twilight and did stuff in the movie. I also rather liked Gloriosa as the Well Intentioned Extremist kind of villain, like, her song is pretty interesting because the lyrics by themselves could be a heroic rallying cry in another movie. It's also a decent lesson as a youth oriented movie about getting help for your problems and not try to take everything onto yourself. Also works as a good parallel to Twilight's own struggle throughout the movie. It sure helps that she's probably the hottest villain in the series.
I do hope they do another evil Equestria creature villain in the next one though. Or just start a netflix series because that set up at the end sure works for starting a series.

I don't think there's any reason to worry about Flash and Sunset, he outright said he only wanted to be friends, and it might mean they'll actually do something with him. And even though I like Timber, I don't think you need to worry about him being around too much, not like he goes to their school.

But I also put it pretty high on my list because I loved the animation and high levels of Faic. Plus the whole bit with the dock and the fact that it's undeniably a magical girl series now.

I see a lot of people bringing that up, but I doubt he's that much older than Twilight. It's a family owned camp and he's probably been pitching in there his whole life. I imagine there's a bit of an age gap, but I imagine it's more of a gap like Twilight's 16 and Timber is 18 at most.


if she is 16 and he is 18 then it is still wrong and should not be allowed now if she is 18 and he is say 19 then there shouldn't be a problem

a 16 year old should NOT be dating a 18 year old who should know better. Doesn't matter if he is 17 either it is still wrong. They both should be the same age before any dating is allowed.

If you say so. That difference seems completely arbitrary if you ask me, but whatever. I doubt their age difference is even that far apart. I only assume he's older because he's taller than her.

4240829 I don't have that big a problem with the ages so much as the authority role. Especially when you're a teenager, it's not a great idea for those sort of roles to have romance involved. I wouldn't of minded quite so much if he was another camper, but having him be a counselor? Little awkward that he'd be macking so openly on a camper.

It feels weird for me to type words like that out, considering what I usually write.

I can understand that, and I'd probably feel the same way if he wasn't Gloriosa's brother. I mean, he's really only a counselor because he lives there. Like, he even does the same activities as the campers, helping with the dock, making lanterns, hanging out around the campfire, etc. Only difference is that he does chores and knows his way around the woods.

Granted, I agree with you that the movie would've been better off without the romance, but I wouldn't call it a forced one, personally. Besides, there's still plenty of SunLight moments in it.:rainbowkiss:

To me, Legend of Everfree was an attempt on Hasbro's part to totally disconnect EqG from the main show by giving it a fresh concept. It's turning into a magical girl/teen superhero show with a focus primarily on hunting down and helping humans 'infected' with Equestrian magic.

Whilst a fifth movie is inevitable, I am hoping that they're considering a spin-off show because this plot concept works best with a episodic show rather than a slow progression of TV movies.

Heh, I didn't mind the flash part. Mostly because they actually almost made Flash a character in this AND she still don't really "get back" to him, which is actually realistic.

I hear ya for spruce, but that's what this website is for :rainbowkiss: . You can always just take clip like that one scene where sunset goes out of the party at the end and elbow the fuck outta twilight blushing out of context and start from there.

Never really cared that much about the movies or flash myself. I just, like the show, see them as outlets for more fan stuff. And given the stuff YOU produced I don't mind it at all :rainbowlaugh:

Also derpy is a cute, and she was a cute in this whole movie.

I honestly love what they did with Timber and Twi.

Just for my theory, what did you think of the music in this movie?

4241139 I liked it, but didn't think there was quite enough of it. Generally speaking I'm of the opinion that the more music in the movies, the better.

4241161 I guess I'll consider you the exception that prooves the rule.

My theory was that, how one feels about the music reflects his opinion of the movie.

90% of the movie was Sunset Shimmer running after Sci-Twi, trying to save her, pretty much obsessing over Twi's well-being. So... hell yeah, I lurved it. Lulz.

I thought the film was a lot better than the third installment. I felt that there was a lot of concentrated attention on character, emotional conflict, and positive psychological progression. The reason why Gloriosa was so anticlimactic an antagonist was because she *wasn't* the main antagonist. Neither was Filthy Rich. They were all in the background, whereas Twilight's struggles with her own misgivings were in the foreground. Sunset Shimmer--who more or less completed her emotional character arc in the previous film--spent this installment helping Twilight crawl out of her shell. And I really liked that. Sunsetsparklism aside, I felt it was very positive and just... happy. This was a happy movie in a lot of ways.

Timber Spruce... is a whole lot better a specimen of romantic possibilities than Flash Sentry ever was. But that's not saying much. I too found him insanely annoying. But, having written at least one fanfic scene with him, I can see some... charm in his character. And a lot of possibilities as well. I'm glad that the writers did two things: 1) they made someone who was not only detailed emotionally, but was vastly different than Flash. And, more importantly, 2) they didn't try to match Sci-Twi up with the same person... because she and Princess Twi are essentially two different beings and should be respected as such. So, kudos to them for that. All of that considered, I can't for the life of me understand what Sci-Twi sees in the guy, and the whole camp-counselor situation really really weighs on the fragile suspension of disbelief in the painting of this romantic portrait. So... yeah. Not perfect... but I don't exactly hate it either, despite my Sunsetsparkle predilections.

tl;dr. I'm sorry the movie didn't impress you too much. My attitude over EqG is the same as MLP:FiM... in that more pony is always good pony. And I really admire what you say about how the refusal on the producers/writers' part to insert unnecessary teen romance into the main series actually helps it maintain a superior quality over the high school human version. Nice thing about having an AU spinoff show is that we can appreciate both sides of the fence... be it ugly grass or vibrant green turf.

And there'll always be canon stuff we'll never fully click with, nor have the need to. That's what fanfiction is for. F'naaa?

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