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My debut novel is free on Kindle this weekend! · 4:09pm Sep 17th, 2021

Just a small heads-up that my debut novel, Rise of the Battlebitch, is totally 100% free to add to your Kindle library until Monday. (You don't have to read it by Monday, just add it and you're good for life.) You can pick it up right here!

I'm extremely proud of this one, it's probably the best thing I've ever written so far and I'll be building on the setting and characters in future ebooks. (The next one is coming out in just a few weeks!) So if you like my content that blends humor and smut, check it out! The story is wholesome without the harder kinks that I'm sometimes known for around here, but I still think you'll enjoy it.

Thanks everypony!

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I am excited for your new book. I have loved both of your books!

To late bought a hard copy months ago

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