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My debut novel: Rise of the Battlebitch! · 10:34pm May 7th, 2021

Hey everyone! When I posted my information for Herself in Her last week, it dawned on me that I never really did the same for the FIRST book I released, Rise of the Battlebitch. This one is, in my opinion, my best story to date. I worked extremely hard on it, and it's a true labor of love. If you check it out, you'll be treating yourself to a fun, sexy adventure following an unlikely pair of friends as they struggle to get along in my unique fantasy setting. If you like my futa work, my comedy work, or just my UNIQUE CHARM in general, I think you'll love it. I really went all out on it, right down to commissioning Cholie to produce chapter headers in her gorgeous art style.

You can check it out on Amazon right here! It's free for Kindle Unlimited users, and this time you can even buy a physical version!

I've written a ton of content here on FIMFiction, but there's a certain warm and fuzzy feeling that comes with crafting your own world and characters, and I hope you'll give them a chance!

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Is this legit if so congrats

I bought both books, and loved them both. I also reviewed them for you.

Please continue!

Thank you, those reviews really help! :raritystarry: Glad you enjoyed them!

Cool, but I don’t have money

Ive definitely enjoyed enough of your work to justify the purchase.

I'm sorry. I'm certain it matches your other works on here in terms of quality, which I love, many of which are on my favorites list, but I've long ago vowed to not touch anything that uses minority representation and queer as a marketing point.

I have a couple of, I wanna say, friends in the community who seriously don't like stuff like that.

Again, I'm sure it's wonderful and will sell very well, considering your past works on here.

I understand your perspective, and I don't say this to make a sale, so much as offer my reasons for how the book is marketed. First and foremost - I'm nonbinary and pansexual. There is an own voices element to the story. Additionally, I hired a professional sympathy reader during the extensive editing process. Like I said, this book is a labor of love, not a quick cash-in.

Having pride flags and citing representation is advertising, but it's also advertising to a demographic that struggles to find representation in media. If a product doesn't mention that it offers asexual rep, how is someone supposed to know? It also stands to mention that it isn't Disney-style "Hey look at us doing rep for this split-second blink and you'll miss it kiss." The asexual character is one of the leads, and her sexuality and how she approaches personal interactions is a core focus in the story.

The criticism of using representation in marketing is valid when you're talking about huge, soulless corporations. Individual creators that belong to said groups - while by no means infallible - shouldn't be held to the same cynical standard.

As previously mentioned, this isn't in any way me trying to make a sale. I just wanted my side of things established.

Hey, thanks! I really hope you like this one, too! :rainbowkiss:

Dude, this was one of the first stories of your I've ever read. I'm so getting this when I get the money.

Awesome! :D Consider this a remaster of that story. I rewrote it from the ground up to have a proper plot and worldbuilding while still being spicy and sexy.

bought your book more horse words plz :twilightsmile:

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