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My second book, Herself in Her: Acquisition, is now available! · 12:21am May 1st, 2021

Hey folks!

If you're reading this, that means you might only be familiar with my Equestria Girls work. But I write plenty on top of that, and not just other fanfiction stories!

Case in point: My second ebook just released today!

Herself in Her is a story about an eighteen year-old young woman that finds herself on the streets after being cast aside by her family, helpless and homeless until she earns the eye of a mysterious older woman. The two enter into a business arrangement: our hero can live in her new friend's mansion and earn a good wage, but she has to agree to being her sexual companion. Spicy!

If you like a lot of the teacher/student themes I write about within EQG, you'll probably really like Herself in Her. You can get it on Kindle right now! It's also a part of the Kindle Unlimited program, so if you're a part of that it's free to read.

Checking it out is a hugely supportive thing for my growing writing career, and I really appreciate it. Thanks!

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