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Stress · 10:36pm May 22nd, 2016

[Imagine a goofy anime gif here]

I know people have been talking about my attitude.

I should be happy about getting into the featurebox. I should update and reward my readers and shit-load of new followers. But I only came back to get away from STRESS. Stress of updating. Stress of writing my original fic. Stress of building my pre-writing queue so I can post on the regular.

It's too easy for me to fall into a perfectionist spiral. That's half the reason why I take off so often. The rest is stress.

I did not come back to be obligated to update once my fic fell into the featurebox. I just wanted to write some dumb crap. Some Human X Pony crap. Now I can't relax. In the back of my head, I hear it, "UPDATE. UPDATE. UPDATE." And then I think about my next chapter and I think it's not good enough. It won't be good enough. They'll hate it. I hate it. I want to work on something else. But I still hear it, "UPDATE. UPDATE. UPDATE."

I can't even relax enough to write a simple face-sitting fic with Celestia. Do you know how much I love Celestia? Do you? She's my gal to get out of writing slumps but she'd not even doing it for me now.

So that's it.

I'm saying plain and simple.

For The Spoils will not update for the perceivable future. I want to relax and take it easy. I've been gone for a month. I want to write junk, get all the crap out of my system and then I'll come back to it. I thought if I held out, the joy of being the featurebox would have been enough to force me to produce another chapter. But it's not. I honestly considered deleting the thing so I could get some peace and quiet.

Let me work my issues out, okay? If you want to adopt the fic, sure.

If someone else wants to complete it while I'm taking it easy, go ahead.

Unfollow me if you don't like this. Block me. Whatever. I've said my peace.

Now I will go back to glorious work of writing, "Fluttershy Sits on Celestia's Face and Other Everfree Traditions".

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Take all the time you want, my fellow pony. I'm just glad you actually care about the quality, and such. There's too many people/stories out there that just don't care. They just want to be out there, and they don't bother with writing quality stuff.

You care. Take all the time you need/want, it'll be worth it. Both for us and for you.


Thanks. I'm gonna take it easy.

Coming from a person who updates far too slowly for his fans' taste... ...and his own (mine, of course)... ...fans are going to keep wanting more, but you should do everything you can to not feel obligated to cater to them. Pay attention, yes, and do what you can for them, certainly, but ultimately you should just do what's best for you and your story. They can clamor all they want, but you get to it only as you're able. :twilightsmile:

For The Spoils will not update for the perceivable future. […]]

Then mark it as on hiatus (instead of incomplete) and tell everyone to:

Huh... well I guess I'll just put it into tracking then. No skin off my back. *Shrugs*

I'm with person10179 on this, take it slow and we will love that which you have created.
we can and we will wait.:twilightsmile:

lol it's horse fanfiction

calm down

Ever the perfectionist. Which means high quality work.
This is not your job, so there are no obligations. You write and publish when you want to, feel like it, and so on.

We'll be here when you return. Take all the time you need :twilightsmile:

Just relax for your preferred amount of time. Nothing's wrong with that. I've been stressed before too. It'll pass. (Sorry for the late reply)

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