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Working on some TRASH inspired by Bendy · 10:07am Mar 11th, 2017


Planetary Pursuit

The sole prisoner of the moon does not need a fleeting distraction from her vengeance and yet, she pursues him…

I usually don't make posts like this before I publish. But I'm writing all of Nightmare Moon's parts and I was thinking if people want the human's pov? I can do like dual pov like I did in For The Spoils but yanno, I'm a bit antsy about it. I figured people, when it comes to pony/human fics, they just want blank-ish slates they can project themselves on. I can think of some top authors that do that regularly. Zammy-Zam. You can totally see that philosophy at play in my mounting fics with Rainbow Dash and Applejack. Less human. More pony. But I always get some mixed feedback.

"This guy doesn't have a personality. I don't know what he wants."

He wants what you want, reader. To fuck or get fucked by a pony.

"How could he do such and such?"

To serve the purpose of the clopfic. Seriously.

I dunno. When I focus more on the pony, I always get those kind of questions about my human characters. For once, I'd like to avoid them.

And the one fic that I gave a little backstory and character to a human ends up blowing up the featurebox. Cue holyshit face.

I don't think I'll reach the featurebox with this one. It's Nightmare Moon and scifi and spacetime romance. But I don't know how fimfiction works. That's why I'm finishing the thing before I post and it's actually going well.

So if it seems like I'm rambling, I'll repeat what I want to ask.

Do you want human pov? Backstory? Something of a character arc to go along with Nightmare Moon's. Or would you like him to stay vaguely defined while Nightmare Moon educates him of the wonders of having gravity-defying sex. His face captured between her meteor-crushing thighs.

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Do you want human pov? Backstory? Something of a character arc to go along with Nightmare Moon's.

I know I'd like that.

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