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What happened to Megapone? · 11:20am Jun 24th, 2017

I just checked their blog and it's all gone. Went to their patreon. Zip.

I wanted to read a couple of their advice blogs again.

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His blogs and Patreon are still there for me...

Went to his blog and reloaded the page. Cleaned my cache. Still nothing. I'd clean my cookies but I'm in the middle of editing.

4581725 well, if anything changes, let me know!

That's odd, yeah. I can't see their blogs either, and their mainpage is empty, but all their stories are accessible. :rainbowhuh:

4581730 He's online right now and appears to be removing his stories.

Did he make a blog about it? I still can't see his blogs and I'm on Firefox.

4663827 No. His blog post count has not increased at all since the entries became hidden. I sent him a private message but I don't expect a reply at this point.

Oh, so you can hide blog posts now? Wow. I didn't know that.

I do notice some fics missing but I don't surf the site often. I wonder what's up.

The furaffinity account is hidden too, says the user chose to make it hidden.

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