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Ugh, SFW fics. Get them away from me! · 6:48pm Nov 9th, 2017

I have a lot of ideas about Twilight Does(n't) Cuddle.

As we all know, this is my NSFW account. I'd feel weird if I posted something SFW here. It'd give people the wrong idea if they like it and head onto my stories and find out, yeah, it was a one-time thing. But if I want to throw my hat in the ring, I have to keep the sex out. Or just run with another story idea. I'm thinking with this story, I will hit the 10k limit so it's out already.

But what does that mean for Twilight Does(n't) Cuddle?

I can turn Twilight's cuddle scenes with Celestia and Luna into sex ones. It'd be pretty easy. I didn't exactly get these followers by writing 100,000K slow-burn clean romance. But pacing-wise, I'm not okay with. Otherwise, it looks like this:

Twilight fucks Celestia.
Twilight fucks Luna.
Twilight raises sheep.
Twilight raises wolves.
Twilight fucks a human.
Twilight fucks Pink Alicorn.
Twilight cuddles a human.

I think the folks who follow me like insta-sex. Like I don't try to dick around. Let's get it on. But for Twilight Does(n't) Cuddle, I can't bring myself to write filler sex scenes. I'm sorry. It would be sex scenes to fill in a quota and fuck you, I don't do quotas.

So Twilight Does(n't) Cuddle will just be one of those fics where the sex doesn't happen until halfway. My writer's gut, yo.

And hope ya'll will be cool with the companion fic which will also be SFW sorry, no sorry.

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