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Out of Context Screenshot Theater #283: Gravity Falls Takeover #3! · 8:57am Feb 18th, 2016

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"You clean the mess the you made on my car right now!"
"You take back what you said about my mother."
"Yes I'd like an apology"
*screech screech*
"How dare you?! Put up your dukes, you little flying rat."

The Bald Eagle. Not only is it America's national bird, it is also Quentin lunch. The only problem is that he likes his bird raw.

Are all of these going to be from the same episode?

This probably did not help the president's reputation as un-American, and it definitely did not help his reputation as insane.

3762304 No, this is the last one from Irrational Treasure for now. The rest are more spead out, and there will be some Gravity Falls screencaps later on that aren't part of the Takeover. It's just that Irrational Treasure was a gold mine for OOCSST.

Friday Night FIsticuffs: You're doing it wrong.


The youngest sister is too little to properly process the image before her. She's just happy with her kite.

The eldest sister has seen things. Terrible things. Things that will weigh upon her soul.

The middle sister, on the other hand, is as intrigued as she is bewildered. She will get to the bottom of this, mark her words.

Ah, so my mortal enemy returns once more. Shall we battle with fisticuffs, or shall it be water balloons once again, you devious ruffian?!

The kite flying girls are embarrassed for him.

Someone's ready for an ol' fashioned fist fight without pants. Put 'em up.:ajsmug:

The American Revolution in a Nutshell...

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