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Free Games on Steam · 10:44pm Feb 16th, 2016

Quick heads up to any gamers amongst my followers: apparently Sega is giving away a set of games for free today on Steam, including the classic arcade game Golden Axe, a game about spraypainting graffiti on stuff called Jet Set Radio, and Hell Yeah!, which is some sort of 2D platformer. Apparently, there's going to be another set of free games from Sega in a few days.

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Holy crap, Golden Axe? Me and grandpa (dwarf) are going on another adventure! Fear my wrath Death Adder. This time I will be utilizing the dreaded jump attack and I'll actually save my magic for you!

Is that cool? I mostly signed on for Golden Axe (and in fact didn't even install Jet Set Radio—if it's cool I may have to reinstall).

I would not have known otherwise, you're doing Luna's work here!

It's cool. A little clunky now when it comes to gameplay, but man what a great soundtrack.

Every night when I go to sleep they come and steal my loot...

Thanks for the heads up on a classic.

Author Interviewer

Dude, I love Golden Axe. :D Let us know when the next one comes, yeah?

I see how it is! By distracting all your fellow writers with cool games, you can keep releasing your own stories and accumulate all the followers we would otherwise gain by writing. :V

Well, I'm not going to fall for your tricks! I'm going to download those games, and then be too busy with other games to play them! :rainbowwild:

Thanks for the heads up! I used to love Golden Axe.

Excellent! I never had a chance to play Golden Axe in any great detail.

Thanks for the heads-up!

You're welcome!

I hope you have fun with it. :twilightsmile:

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