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Guess what's done? And guess who's looking for editors? · 8:54am Feb 6th, 2016

Hey friendos!

The sequel to Squeaky-Clean Fun, tentatively titled All I Want for Hearth's Warming is You, is done! Finally, right? It currently clocks in at about 11,000 words, and contains about four separate clop scenes. Note that it's quite a bit different than the original. While the original was just a straight clopfic, this one is a bit more of a romantic drama. Still, I think you guys will like it.

As such, I'm looking for editors! I think I already have a few peeps to contact, but of course I'm always open for volunteers. PM me for the details.

The next clopfic I wanna write for the public is probably gonna be a Dazzlings futa fic.
I'm planning on opening commissions soon. When I do, it'll be a rather exclusive offer—probably only the first two people who contact me will get a spot.

See you guys soon.

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I got some time. Drop me the gdoc in a PM if the people you ask first are busy with whatever it is they're busy with.

Incest is wincest!

You know, Christmas was well over a month ago. You'd be much better off leaving the holiday part out, because holiday fics tend to not get fhat much attention after that holiday has passed.

Nah. Aside from basic edits, I'm done working on this. And besides, I'm already prepared for it to be unpopular based on the tone of its content.

Really looking forward to it! I'm not sure about other people, but I, for one, am glad there's going to be more of a romantic aspect to it. Any idea when it's going to get released? =)

Sometime in the next few days. Expect early next week, maybe?

I'd be willing to edit, if you still need someone.

a Dazzlings futa fic

This is relevant to my interests.

I hope that that comission offer doesn't come at a time when I'm asleep :p

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