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All I Want for Hearth's Warming is You Now in Korean · 3:18am May 5th, 2016

After weeks of waiting, we finally have the exciting sequel to Caressing the Kernel Ring Goose!

The lovely hanel2527 has recently finished translating All I Want for Hearth's Warming is You into Korean. So if you know some peeps in Korea who want some incestual equine romance, you know where to point them. Kim Jong-un's gonna be hype.

It's split into two parts.

Part One: http://blog.naver.com/hanel2527/220679098623
Part Two: http://blog.naver.com/hanel2527/220679098623

Shining armor has passed the first five months after having sex with his sister. And two siblings can feel a strong craving than ever towards each other. Now, when the heating section placed in front of the nose, Twilight want to send with your family holidays in the school, and send and return a good time with her brother.
Shining armor, but also excited as she, unfortunately the situation has changed since Twilight has also gone: the mare is saenggyeotdeon friend to him. Cadence lets take a blow without any phony even to junjeok.
Indeed updated and the relationship between Twilight and The Shining Can you survive in this new relationship? Or geotingayo Obama is finally broken their forbidden love?

Incest, sexual Colts, blow job, male masturbation, sexual intercourse between men and women, exhibitionism, voyeurism, is included conception.

You see? Even Obama approves of sexual colts.

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Oh, what a nice blog post it is!

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