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Gleam of Resistance · 1:12am Dec 7th, 2015

Good news: I've finally finished my site-mandated "The Cutie Re-Mark"-based story. As the story tag indicates, it's the long-planned sequel to A Mad Glimmer.

Bad news: I forgot to hit Submit for an hour, and then I apparently hit approval queue rush hour. To summarize my current mood in a thousand words:

...and I just realized I'd never set it to a Teen rating until just now. Boy, would that have been rage-inducing. Well, at least I caught it before it could bite me in the rear. I guess some good came of this after all.

So, yeah, imminent Fomewords. :twilightsmile:

EDIT: Make that presently available Fomewords! A Crazed Gleam is now publically viewable. :pinkiehappy:

Comments ( 10 )

Sour Sweet is just so perfect for reaction images.

Also, will this one make up for the lack of Khrushchev in the previous story or will I need to find another story to get my fix?

Direct quote from the summary:

Story still does not contain Nikita Khrushchev or shoes.

And yes, that was there before you asked.

I tend to default my stories to "Teen" rating because I may want to mention sex or death at least in vague terms, such as "Character A was married to Character B but had an affair with Character C so C is D's biological father" or "E won the battle but at the cost of the lives of a tenth of his Ponies and another two-tenths wounded," and I don't want to feel constrained about it. Often I'll have slightly-erotic romance scenes or even semi-explicit love scenes without having necessarily planned all the details when I was writing the story, and I don't want to feel too constrained by an "Everyone" rating.

I have no problem with semi-explicit violence either, such as a battle scene in which I'm describing characters being hit and going down, possibly with attendent blood and screaming, but I rarely feel like doing full medical descriptions of wounds as they are being inflicted (because in most situations this is too much detail and bogs down the story). If you think about it, it's after the fight, when wounds are being treated or (in a crime story) deaths being investigated, that it becomes relevant to state that the bullet broke the right mandibular joint or the sword penetrated the stomach or whatever.

I rarely write full-on explicit sex or hideously-detailed gory violence (one exception for both is "His Recipe For Love," the only "Mature" rated fic I've written so far on this site) so I don't see the point of defaulting to a "Mature" rating. I have written some "E" rated stuff, most notably "Sun Atoms," and some of my projected Kindness Is Magic series stories are E-rated (most of the T-rating on most of them are Fluttershy thinking about her seduction by Nosey or contemplating suicide because she imagines herself a coward, anyway; my Fluttershy herself, while she has a definite and strong sex drive, isn't particularly dirty-minded and could better be described as "sweet" -- she mostly just wants to be accepted and loved).


Crossover idea: Nikita Kruschchev is transported to 1980's Chicago, where he manages the shoe store at which Al Bundy works.

I think the last five or so stories that I've submitted, I forgot to change the rating to T and got bounced to a second approval.

Damn. That's disappointing. I mean, I'll still read it but twice now? Hurts, man.

Most of my stories are written at the Everyone level. So that means the occasional fade to black scene when young (or old) lovers get together.

The stories I bumped to Teen level were the ones with:
Scary nightmares and parents doing bad things to foals
PG-13 level horror film scares
A plot that touches on war and death
Descriptions of criminal acts

Mature is reserved for the obvious stories with explicit sex or gore.

So you even abbreviate it "Fome"? I swear I picked this name at random.

I generally capitalize the M and the E. It just didn't look right in this neologism. Still, I'll be sure to distinguish FoME words from Fomewords in the future. :twilightsmile:

I don't write and I barely comment, so I doubt there's much chance of confusion; but thanks, I guess.

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