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    A mare finds herself the object of a deranged stallion's interests while another struggles to hold together the pieces of her life.
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New Avatar, New Holiday Season, New Motivation · 4:22pm Nov 30th, 2015

So yeah, last blog post...

That was a trip. Ultimately, we had a chat, and it's over, whatever it was to her. I know what it was to me. Am I bitter? You bet your ass I am. But she gave me an answer, and from that I have closure, and the ability to move on. Is there room for her in the future? Maybe, but that's future Corejo's problem. For now, I'm just glad she's out of my head. Now I can fill it with the stuff I enjoy in my personal time, which is ponies.

On that note, I did the thing with my avatar. But not just any old thing—I did it myself!

Dutifully named "Off_to_Santa_Hat.png." I regret nothing.

Yep, that's a custom santa hat there on that Luna. Moderately proud of it. Put like two hours into the hazing to try and mimic the original... only for the avatar size to be too small for you to really see it here on fimfic. Naturally.

Either way, the effort I put into it makes me appreciate the talent this fandom has to offer. Learned a few new things, so that's nice. What do you all think of it? Am I actually getting better at this whole drawing thing, or should I be a good boy and just stick to horse words?

Anyway, 'tis the season, so ho ho how 'bout them fics I've left languishing? I'll be gettin' back on 'em here shortly. Probably with Mother Dearest, because Hearth's Warming. Get that to the side, if you haven't tried it yet!

P.S. Don't forget to don your own santa hats, guys!

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Comments ( 4 )

I'm proud of you, bro. Took a lot of courage and will power to do what you did. Don't forget it. Ever.

Also, nice job on your avatar. At first glance, I'd say your version is an original. Can't even tell that you put the Santa hat in there. Nice job with the blending. And honestly, drawing is like writing; you won't get better at art if you don't practice it!

I'll be waiting for more horse words from you. :scootangel:


It's a real pleasure reading about how you seem to be making steps in your life, Corejo. I appreciate the trust you have in us in order to share some personal slices.
The hat was well worth the effort, and I hope you have a great holiday!

3581776 saying you can't tell might be a bit of a stretch, but I appreciate that you like it!

Sometimes you just gotta vent, but whenever life does get interesting I might make it a point to start talking about it if this is a thing people care about in the slightest. Also, have a great holiday yourself! Dont go offing yourself from all the too-early Christmas jingles everywhere like I often want to every year!

It's gorgeous and the work you put into it shows. I'm sorry things didn't pan out and I'm here to agree that women are bitches if y'need it. :twilightsmile:

If nothing else i'll drape myself over you again at the BC dinner next year cuz you are super comfy.

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