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So um...about that story... · 8:46am Nov 10th, 2015

I did warn you guys that there would be a few delays after the last chapter, but even I admit this is dragging on a little longer than it should. I humbly apologize for that and admit that nearly everything is my fault...or at least, most, if not all problems are originating from my end of this affair.

First and foremost. This is the first time that I have ever worked with an actual pre-reader, so it's a bit jarring to realize that I kinda have to work at his pace, as I'm supposed to post chapters after he edits them, which means I'm posting them. Given that my pre-reader has a life of his own and is graciously doing all this for free (at least, he hasn't sent me a bill yet), I'm am not inclined to rush him. Hopefully, this means that I can deliver a superior product when all is said and done, but it appears that my typical pace of one chapter a day is overly optimistic (I could have waited until he'd edited all or most of the chapters to start posting them, but who knows how long you guys would have had to wait then). Adding to that, this is my first time working with Google Docs (feel free to point and laugh), so I'm kinda learning as I go on that front, which is slowing things down a little bit more. Thankfully, since all the chapters are already written, that should speed things up nicely.

Secondly...I am just feeling burned out right now...not because of my writing or anything. In fact, I'm making a great deal of progress on the next and final story of the series in the meantime, mostly because writing it is actually very therapeutic. The simple fact of the matter is...I'm tired...really tired. Once again, I've been beset by multiple seven-day-work-weeks, thanks to the fact that I'm working two jobs, sometimes both on the same day (Although I think that was just a one-time fluke...I certainly hope it doesn't turn into a regular thing). The last day off I had was Tuesday, two weeks ago and I won't have another one until this Saturday and I have no idea when my next one will be...Although, knowing my luck, I'll end up working straight through to Thanksgiving. And, of course, the onset of the Holiday Season means that things are only going to get worse at both of my jobs, which is sapping my energy like no one's business.

Thirdly...distractions...all the distractions. I recently discovered RWBY and I fell utterly in love with it and ended up binge watching it. Never mind that it became a big thing something around three years ago, so I am once again late to the party on all the hype for it (which is kinda how it worked for my introduction to FiM, now that I think about it). There are a few other things on my radar that are making it kinda difficult to concentrate on Pony, which is only compounded by the problems listed up above.

In summary...I'm sorry. I'm really sorry. I'm super sorry and you all deserve better than this. I promise I'll get back to work on posting and get those chapters up. Just, once again, I need to remind you that a once-a-day release schedule does not appear to be in the cards anymore. Thank you for your patience.

Report moguera · 908 views · Story: Dark Matter · #Sorry
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RWBY ftw.

I'm going on a hunger strike to protest, sir! Good day!

Don't stress it dude, having an editor for the first time blew me away too.

Favorite RWBY character?

Dont worry about it man. I am also not looking forward to the holiday season, I bus tables at a restaurant.

Don't worry about it man, life comes first. It just gives us with lives less things to procrastinate with xD

Nah, we don't deserve better than this..

do not sweet the little crap it is not worth the problems it will cause.
we will simply get chapters when they are ready.
my self I am not helping pre read for 3 authors and I am 1 part of a team so we can get things out faster.
I can say it is different rather then just reading it is how does the story feel how does it look some times we the team all get on voice chat and read the chapter live or talk about how things feel it is fun and a chaligon at the same time.
so every one here be patient the story will happen.
as to life yes you are working 7 day weeks take it from some one who can not find work at lest you are working.

I don't mind it, though I will miss the daily updates if I'm truthful. They were a bit of a trademark. But don't you worry about it for one minute. Remember that you're doing this for free as well, and it's a dang good product at that. You're not about to lose my respect over it.

Would more pre-readers help?

It's okay man. We've got patience. And anyone who doesn't have the patience or understanding that you've got a life outside of this hobby needs to learn how the real world works, as horrible as it may be.

No worries at all, man. Life happens, RWBY is awesome, and we're not going anywhere. :raritywink: And as far as Google Docs goes, I feel your pain. I will say that it does get easier to use over time.

I hate to be the one who says this, but here it goes:

If delays are being caused by a conflict between yours and your proofreader's schedules, then you need to have a talk to coordinate your respective timetables. One chapter a day is perhaps overoptimistic, but just as he has a schedule you do as well, and if the two of you cannot come to an agreement on release times then delays will continue to be a fact of life. Maybe a biweekly or weekly release schedule would work better?

I'm not trying to be a dick, but my experience both as an employee and as a manager tells me that setting a timetable in stone as to when things NEED to be done will be the best way to go about making sure you can keep a regular release schedule.

I.R.L. has a great way of screwing with us all. Don't sweat it.

Ps you know those journal entries are all in good fun right?


Hey guys! So, I'm the one who's causing some of the delays.
I had two research papers dumped on me the day after moguera told me I could help out with editing.
I wasn't expecting that.
Add that to the stuff I already had to do, and my job, it's put all the editing work I do on the backburner.

I'm going to try and finish one of my papers tonight, and burn through the next three or so chapters for you guys!

Again, so sorry for the holdup!


All is forgiven.

3537069 I'm honestly not upset over it, I'm quite used to stories and authors with long update cycles. I was only trying to give advice.

And believe me, I work between fifty and sixty hour weeks, I sympathize with you two completely.

I totally get it! It's something that we're talking about.
I do think bi-weekly updates are something to strive for on my end.
Just as it's mogurea's first time having an editor and using Google Docs, it's my first time editing a story that's already written. I'm used to working with people as they write. Generally with an entire group of editors and the author working at the same time over voice-chat.

3537105 Whatever works for you two, it is your project after all.

I discovered rwby recently too! and now i can't get any work done!

First of all RWBY is AMAZING! Second, I am the same way with my art... Hit a lazy patch as well as trying to work on a plethora of projects... I am burnt too :( You got this Moguera!!!

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