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Depressed · 1:51am Oct 6th, 2015

Hey everybrony! Your favorite writer is once again back, though in lower spirits.
It turns out that I didn't do a quarter as well as I thought I would on that test i was studying my but off for and even worse the entire class is test biased so that one horrible score counts as 30% of my total grade. Then i'm having trouble with my writing. I've hit a wall like never before and i can't seem to make the time to write like I've used to, which really worries me because i feel like my desire to write is fading away. My worst fear is despite the fact i like to write that i'll eventually stop writing and leave my work unfinished which is the last thing that i want. And to top it off my work was rejected off EQD again but this time the editor seemed to criticize everything in the first three pages without commenting about anything beyond that. It really hurts because I've worked a lot on my grammar and had two editors go over it and it still seems to have comma issues, dialogue errors, and repetitive language that keep it from being noticed. And finally it's really bothered me that i haven't gotten any likes or dislikes at all, which makes me worry that nobrony new is reading my story. As much as i appreciate all of my regulars the idea that no-one else is reading my story is weighting heavily on my mind so i really hope that it's just people forgetting to comment or something like that.
All and all i hate to rant, especially here but it helps to get my thoughts and worries out there, even if it is burdening the few people who actually read this. Anyhow don't worry about your favorite writer, i'll bounce back from this slump eventually and the fact that there are still people who like and read my work is a great help. Thank you all for listening and since it's bothered me that I haven't gotten a like in a full two weeks, PLEASE GIVE MY STORY LIKES!

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*hugs you*

3446156 your welcome

Equestria daily can kiss the fattest part of my ass (I'm not fat by the way)
Anyhow EQD is just terrible don't let them get to you.

If your depressed there are groups on fim for that.

:heart:what r u talking about? Your story has 78 likes?!
Try not to be depressed. I know it's hard. Try not to focus on the bad stuff, try and think of the good stuff. I wish you luck with your writing, not saying this is going to happen to you but I had a block for 20 years. Now it's back with a vengeance.
You'll be ok, everything will be ok. Just watch and see:heart:

I hope you feel better soon, and you are a wonderful writer, who I think deserves more recognition.

It's best not to deal with EQD at all when it comes to fanfics. Sure it'd be great to have recognition from them, but they truly don't know how to criticize a story. They have a bias when to comes to their story preferences. Try your hand with the review groups around here. You'll actually get the feedback you'll want.

3446183 3446167 3446159 3446158
Wow everybody thanks! I really didn't expect so may likes so quickly it does really warm my heart to get such positive feedback. However I might need to change the title of my blog post, to reflect that I'm not going through a bout of depression rather it's just I'm depressed. My problems are nothing that I can't handle, I just needed to get my frustrations out there and release some frustrations I've been bottling up.
But even so, thank you for all getting back to me so quickly! It really makes me think twice before I start thinking that I'm talking to a brick wall over here!

3446214 your welcome:pinkiesmile:

3446208 I have tried most of the groups here for feedback (Have you seen the number of groups I'm in?) but most of the users I contacted for review blew me off or just stopped giving feedback one day. Do you have any groups that you can recommend?


Well I'm glad to hear your doing better already. :pinkiesmile:


Unfortunately my lurker nature shines through in that I don't often leave comments. I try to show my appreciation by liking, following, and favoriting. The favoriting I did recently as I finally got around to reading the story in it's entirety (currently posted entirety at least), and I gotta say: pretty premium.

3446401 Glad to hear that! I just sent you a thank you letter with the information for that, and I hope you can look foreword to part two since part one is almost over.


3446404 Thanks! And indeed I am looking forward to it! And of course reading and favoriting this fine literature is my pleasure, so while you thank me for the fav, I thank you for writing it!

Hey sorry to hear you're not feeling too well at the moment, I know what its like to feel down and hear people say when you fall of the horse you should get back up and try again; but I'm not going to be one of those people to say that simply because I hate hearing it, what I'm going to say I hope makes you feel a little better, “When life gives you lemons, don’t make lemonade. Make life take the lemons back! Get mad! I don’t want your damn lemons, what the hell am I supposed to do with these? Demand to see life’s manager! Make life rue the day it thought it could give Cave Johnson lemons! Do you know who I am? I’m the man who’s gonna burn your house down! With the lemons! I’m gonna get my engineers to invent a combustible lemon that burns your house down!”
Joke aside I plan on taking the time to read your work soon but as of right now I'm taking the time to go back through my own work to try and spot a few of my own mistakes and fix them, so when others read it they don't just see words they get to see the picture I tried to paint. And when I do read your work I promise to leave a comment or two, maybe I'll leave a quote that mite fit what I have read along side my comment who knows; but I will say something. And hey don't let this one thing hold you back, I've made that mistake and regret doing it; in the few times I've gotten to speak with you I could tell that you are a strong person with a lot of passion, so please continue to show us what you're made of.

3446458 :pinkiesad2: Thank you. And don't worry I will. I just want to see this project through to the end and pour my passion into making it the best that I can. And it's thanks to people like you that I know that my efforts are appreciated.

I haven't gotten around to it yet. I will read it eventually. Some time in the future.

3446468 That's okay! Tell me what you thin of it when you do!

3446461 not a problem and hey take it easy out there, life is always an up hill battle but its easier with friends and family there to help.

3446233 I can recommend your story to someone. No promises he'll accept it but this is what I'm doing for you.

We have single tests that count for 50% of our grade.

Consider yourself lucky.

3446554 Thanks! Just be honest about your recommendations and try not to embellish it. And as always I appreciate your support.

3446895 Ouch, so a midterm test and a final which are both worth 50% of your grade? What class are you taking?

Sorry to hear things are going poorly, but with regards to getting on EQD, it shouldn't matter so much to you. We're just another group same as any group on this site. Getting on the site should be enjoyable, but it should never be the be all end all goal for you.

That goal should be reserved for writing the best story you think you can and making you happy and making your readers happy.

3446159 Sadly we're not in the business of ass-kissing (fat or otherwise:twilightsmile:)

3446208 Would you be willing to toss me a pm clarifying that? I don't want to distract too much from the main point of this blog (Helping poor Bronywriter cheer up) but if we're doing something wrong, I'd like to know so we can hopefully fix things.

Thanks! Honestly getting my story hosted on EQD is more of a milestone or a hurdle than an end all. It was the time I first posted my story on this site that I became aware that writing is an active process, it's always meant to improve. And so I constantly work to edit my story and submit it in hopes of getting feedback and improving my work. Given that EQD has only the most stringent of requirements If I can meet those standards of writing then my future writing will improve greatly as well in terms of quality and poise. I'm not resentful of EQD or the fact that my story wasn't uploaded, I'm just disappointed that I still have so much of a ways to go in editing my story before it's complete. Form it's just another hurdle I have to surmount and nothing more.

3447051 What PM? From EQD?

3447415 No, I meant would you be up for sending me a pm clarifying your opinions. I didn't want to to it here and hijack the comment section ^^;


Wow. Such politeness. At least I think you are with that :twilightsmile: you added.

Even if you aren't you acted maturely so that's something I find commendable.

3447635 Uh not really. I don't want to talk about them much. All I'm saying is that I just don't have a very high opinion of EQD when it comes to their treatment of fan fics.

3447645 Absolutely! Just because we disagree is no reason to fight. Then how will be band together to spread the red party line.:raritywink:

3447887 That's entirely fair. As an EQD staffer, I always like to try and help folks if they have a problem with us. :twilightsmile:

Dude, you're a great writer and from the sounds of it, a good guy in general. I know you're pinning for EQD but it seems like some just can't appreciate your work. You've got a solid story with a great plot and anyone who hasn't read through it fully is a fool. Don't let them keep you down, just keep getting up and eventually things will get better. I hope this message helps you.


3447629 Hey! Bosnian Brony! I haven't heard from you in ages man! What's up? It's gotten pretty hectic over here for me but have I been catching up on my anime. How's life treating you?

3447048 Ah, no, it works like this.

We have a fair amount of tests throughout the year, each with their own percentage counting towards the final grade. But, at the end of the year, we have 'end of year exams' for English, maths, and science, that count for 50% of the grade of each subject.

3448402 Well my final is only worth 40%, so I guess you beat me there. Though at least you don't have a grad level statistics course.

3448409 Heh, well not yet, anyway...

3448507 Heh, well good luck then. You will most likely need it.


Well you're a big man. Something I admire :scootangel:

3448333 Meeeeh... can't complain, i guess. School is but a bietch though indeed! I actually didn'r wanna talk ro you cuz i thought you were too busy and didn't wanna talk none... Well, that, and i think i'm annoying. In other news, One Punch Man kicks ASS, and there might be an FLCL remake, fuck. Yiss. On a side note... Did you ever see Afro Samurai? Sorry for being so talkative,.but i can't talk anime with anyone as good as i can with you.

Mate I love proof reading for you please never stop making stories

3454457 I won't, it's just getting pretty dicey over here grade wise.

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