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Ponyville Central Season Finale! Next Week! · 10:37pm Oct 11th, 2015

Hey EveryBrony! Me again and I'm here with a lot of announcements to make so I'll try to keep this short for all you impatient types (Like me) out there!
First off, thanks to that person out there who disliked my fic, however came back and changed it to a like after reading it! Getting a like on your story is always great (HINT HINT) but having someone who took the time to go back and change their opinion means that my work has really gotten better. So to whoever you are on the bowls of the internet. Thank you.
Second off, the bigger issue, the Season Finale of Ponyville Central is NEXT WEEK!! YEAH! Let me tell all of you this has been one heck of a ride after posting my story accidently, finding a great editor(s) To help out with my atrocious grammar and re editing my chapters for the fourth time just to make sure that it's perfect just for readers like you. Honestly I almost never imagined it would really get ths far, I only hope the ending is as stunning and amazing as you my adoring fans can hope for and that you'd be willing to wait another few months for me to get part 2 up and running.
Third, and this is a bit of a bummer, my posting of the final chapters might be rushed or delayed (Or just lack a lot of the editing) Because I have a test next week. I know what you're going to say, but this isn't a normal test, it's a writing test. My teacher thought it'd be great instead of having us write an essay in class and have to decipher my horrible writing that he'd post a topic online the day of the class and close it at midnight. And so i'm going to be boarded up in my room all Monday writing out an essay on the topic he posts for 35% of my grade in a desperate hope that I can pass one midterm this semester. So I will try to get out the chapters to you God willing, but I just wanted to let you know that i'd be pressed for time.
And fourth and finally, I'm working on a side chapter for Ponyville central that i'll be posting as a separate story sometime around late November. The details are secret (For now) But it does revolve around one of my favorite characters in the StandVerse (Name coined!). As always it will be only my best work but the reason i'm bringing it up is because i'm looking for a cover for my story. I've decided to go with the covers I made for my 'main' stories, but I feel that I want something a bit different for the side chapter given that this character is special to me. However I still want to keep the black and white theme i'm going to be using for StandVerse stories. So if any of you prospective authors who happen to love my work would be willing, I'd love to post your work for all the world to see for a story cover or you had a friend's work that you wanted to recommend to me. Please if you are interested PM me and I will include details of the side story to all my adoring fans later.
Hype for the finale and as always PLEASE LIKE LateBronyWriter

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Good luck with your test, hopefully it'll go alright. Take your time with posting the next chapter if need be, just focus on your writing. Then again, this is good practice. Anyway, keep calm and carry on and you should be alright. Good luck^^

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