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FimFic Shelters · 8:50am Aug 17th, 2015

So... Bethesda finally decided to release Fallout Shelters for Android... (Took 'em friggen long enough)

It was pretty late when I downloaded it, gave it a small go, seems interesting...

Then, my brain said Psst! Hey, I gots an idea!

...M'kay, lets hear it.

So, lets totally name a Vault after all the people we know on FimFiction...

...This won't end well. I apologize to EVERYONE in advance for this.


Okay, so after the brief tutorial, I can get started. We got four guys and two girls so far, I like them odds.
For the dudes...
Cerulean Voice

And for the lovely ladies. (I don't know many girls on Fimfic)
Bookish Delight

The assignments are as such.
Power Room
Thad and Zeus

Stiggerz and Bookish

Water Treatment Plant
Derpy and Cerulean.

Within FIVE MINUTES, Zeus and Thad managed to set fire to the power room. I swear to god it's Thad's fault, revenge for the Scootaloo crack I made last night. I alos got a lunchbox that gave me some sweet loot, including a Sniper Rifle and a Lv.8 Clergyman named Snyder.

Hello... remaned now. He is Ausbrony, Pope of the Wastelands. Two others showed up, So I moved Aus to guard the entrance and the two newbies to the guest rooms. I shall dub them... Ed and TDN. They will talk about... I dunno, things. I got another lunchbox and got some Lv7 lady. She shall be dubbed Snowdust and will guard the entrance with Aus, along with the 10mm Pistol I got in the box.

Thad and Zeus set fire to the power room AGAIN. and some roaches invaded my kitchen. Bookish destroyed them with her righteous fists of justice.

Next week on Fanfic Fallout.

Ausbrony will spread his gospel across the Wasteland, courtesy of .308 rounds to the face.

Various shelter shenanigans.

Thad will prolly keep setting fire to my shit.

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Comments ( 12 )

Name me as someone in the Vault. Make we were a red shirt. Have everyone else were something different. When the Vault is attacked, I'll die first giving people time to fight off the invaders.

3326082 - Or I could send you out into the Wastes with no equipment or meds... see how long you last.

3326084 Both an ex-scout and ex-RAF... I'd like to think I'd survive for some time.

3326088 - Done, I got a few new members, So Lucky, Bubba and Miss Spectrum join the team. Lucky has been given a set of Raider armour and a Rusty Shotgun. To the Wastes. To VICTORY!

3326084 Somehow Then I come back in full power armor, missing an arm, swinging a minigun around like a baseball bat saying "Mission Complete!" before dying to a rad-roach in the underside of the Vault.

This amuses me.... I think I may keep an eye on how it progresses :P

checked it out myself and I am hooked...

although you seem to be incredibly lucky when it comes to those lunchboxes Aus, the only thing of note i've gotten was a 12-14 laser rifle(which I use when sending my peeps out into the wastes) and I've got like 25 dwellers PLUS a pretty sizeable vault(if I do say so myself) with two triple merged power generators, a triple merged diner, a triple merged water plant AND a triple merged bedroom

not to mention the double merged storage room, medbay and radio station...

am I just incredibly unlucky or something?

3326137 - Mebbe. My first Vault, I got squat. Maybe it likes Fimfic or sumthin?

I'm trying to keep my Vault small since I don't have that many names to choose from. Might extend it to my DeviantArt friends as well. But yeah, I've just been getting lucky this time.

My first lunch box had a enhanced Fatboy launcher and a T-45f power armor the dweller who got those are my 1 women army of the wastes

When you eventually add me, make me a breeder

cmon, I haven't got my first special dweller until a long into the game... And you got them so quickly.

3326084 I sent one with no armour, meds and one rusty 10mm. He got pretty far, I recalled him at just a little HP left. He got me some really good armour and weapons during that time...

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